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October 11, 2002

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Student Career Experience Program




Landscape Architecture Program Chairperson and Landscape Architecture Students


My name is Ramiro Villalvazo and I am the Chief Landscape Architect for the Forest Service.


Thank you for your interest in the student landscape architect recruitment effort associated with the government Student Career Experience Program (SCEP).  The accompanying file sent with this letter is a “flyer” about Forest Service landscape architecture.  Please use it to share information with others and to post around your landscape architecture studios and offices.  Here is some additional information:


  • We are gathering names and resumes from students interested in starting work during the summer of 2003.  Names and information will be forwarded to national forest personnel offices requesting landscape architect trainees.  Students should continue responding to other recruitment programs at their university or to positions they see advertised on the Office of Personnel Management website (


  • Students should send a 1-2 page resume and a 1-2 page description of major projects and/or work experience that demonstrates their interest in “nature resource-based” landscape architecture.  Students should include information about where in the United States they would prefer to acquire their work experience.  Although there is not a deadline for submissions, positions may become available at any time.  Mail or email resume, examples of work, and statements of interest to:


Lisa Whitcomb, Regional Landscape Architect

USDA Forest Service

310 West Wisconsin Avenue, Suite 580

Milwaukee, WI 53203



Phone:       414.297.1413


·         The following website provides more information about the SCEP and the Forest Service:


As a tip, the Federal “job series” for landscape architecture is 0807.  This might come in handy when doing job searches. 



We hope this information will help students who are searching out fulfilling career options, and we look forward to hearing from those interested in considering a career with the Forest Service! 





/s/ Ramiro Villalvazo



Chief Landscape Architect