• Locate parking away from the direct line

of sight for the attraction, whether it is a

facility or natural feature.

• Provide adequate parking for normal demand.

• Place parking conveniently close to facilities.

• Separate staff parking from visitor parking.

• Provide adequate lighting when needed.

• Provide parking for all potential visitors,

including persons with disabilities.

• Provide parking for all potential vehicle types,

from bicycles to large recreation vehicles


• Provide parking at all locations, from offices

to interpretive rest stops, for all potential

visitors and vehicles.

• Provide one-way traffic flow and a single

entry/exit when possible.

• Provide short-term parking for deliveries,

trash removal, and so forth.

• When possible, place a convenient vehicle

dropoff point from which visitors can see

the main parking lot.

• Use vegetation to screen parking, as well

as dumpsters and other utilitarian features,

from the main road.




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