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Rangeland Ecology

Rangeland Ecology is the science of the relationships between rangeland plants, animals and their environment. Rangelands across the United States have been studied for many decades, and will continue to be studied for many more. The resulting information is interpreted and applied by the Forest Service in managing the nation's rangelands.

  • Cooperative Ecosystem Projects
    Examples of cooperative relationships in the monitoring and restoration of rangeland ecosystems.
  • Invasive Species Program
    The U.S. Forest Service's portal to invasive species information, management, and research activities across the agency and with our many partners.
  • Research and Development
    Research is ongoing to better understand rangelands.
  • Vegetation
    The Forest Service is involved with inventorying, classifying, restoring, and monitoring rangelands vegetation.
  • Rangelands Wildlife, Fish and Rare Plants
    Rangeland managers are concerned about the management needs of wildlife, fish, and rare plants as well as livestock use.
  • Water Quality
    Rangelands conservation and stewardship affects our water quality.
  • Wild Horse and Burro Program
    The Forest Service works with the Bureau of Land Management in managing a portion of the Wild Horse and Burro Program on National Forest lands.

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