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Carizzo Demonstration Area

Picture of treated gullies on the Carrizo Demonstration Area. The Carizzo Demonstration Area project encompasses 83,000 acres of the Lincoln National Forest and private land in southeast New Mexico. The partnership for this project included 13 grazing permittees, 16 adjacent private landowners, New Mexico Department of Game and Fish, New Mexico Division of Forestry and Resource Conservation, New Mexico State University (NMSU), New Mexico Range Improvement Task Force, NMSU Cooperative Extension Service, USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), and the USDA Forest Service. The project was implemented in 1989 as a pilot project designed to restore and sustain watersheds, increase natural food production for wildlife and livestock, and increase biological diversity by managing the area based on ecological principles.

Treatments to produce desired conditions have included:

  • Rehabilitating gullies by constructing small dams and reshaping gullies;
  • Establishing native vegetation to stabilize the soil by thinning trees for fuelwood;
  • Removing excess trees through mechanical means, prescribed fires and by reseeding disturbed areas;
  • Providing dependable water supplies for wildlife by restoring and protecting riparian areas;
  • Installing inverted umbrella trick tanks, and developing existing springs;
  • Increasing overall forest health through harvest of trees in diseased or overstocked timber stands through prescribed fires;
  • Establishing travel access in line with resource needs by closing or obliterating unnecessary roads, relocating roads to more stable or suitable areas, and maintaining system roads and trails.

Picture of Carrizo Demonstration Area partners. The Carrizo partnership included Hollis Fuchs, USDA-NRCS; Sid Goodloe, grazing permittee; Gerry Hawkes, District Ranger; and Dick Edwards, Forest Range Staff

This partnership has accomplished the following: treatment of 4,500 acres of unsatisfactory condition watershed, 4 miles of gullies have been treated, five miles of roads obliterated, 4,000 acres treated through prescribed fires; 4 water developments installed and 35 acres of riparian fenced to manage livestock. In addition, the following forest products were sold: 5,000 cords of fuelwood, 4,000 bdf of timber and 500 board feet of small and medium poles. Through cooperative means two videos have been produced named "Fire and Water: Restoring a Pinon-Juniper Ecosystem" and "Restoring the Promise Watershed Management Practices for Pinon-Juniper Ecosystem."

Picture of a Carrizo Demonstration Area gully. Note the depth of this gully left untreated within the project area.

Edwards, R. 1998. Carrizo Demonstration Area: Restoration of a Southwest Forest Ecosystem. USDA. Forest Service. Memorandum.

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