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Bats and Land Management

These employees primarily do closure work on Abandoned Mine Lands (AML), but can also do cave gating on Forest Service and BLM lands in Oregon and Washington, but will need a job code. To reduce the costs of the cave closure, try to coordinate your cave gate proposal with their AML work that may be in the same vicinity.  They do have an agreement with BLM Oregon in the Jackson County area and could probably do a similar arrangement elsewhere, but the AML work has priority.   

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has a Financial Assistance Agreement with Bat Conservation International, Inc. (BCI).  The BLM Abandoned Mine Lands (AML) program awarded a financial assistance agreement (FAA) to BCI.  The objective is to survey the biological assets of hazardous abandoned mine adits and/or shafts that will be closed and provide information on habitat quality, presence or absence of bats, and recommendations on  the type of closure so that the biological communities are accounted and accommodated for when deciding on closure techniques.  Biologists can coordinate with their local AML lead on specifics of task requests.




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Wildlife Explorer, Wildlife Viewer, Oregon

This is an interactive tool for the state of Oregon.  You will need to select the Order, Bats-Chiroptera, and then the Family Vespertilionidae, and then the species. What results are maps of historic and current distribution and potential habitat, and other information on status, habitat, food, threats, etc. 

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