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Interagency Special Status /
Sensitive Species Program (ISSSSP)

Conservation Planning Documents

Conservation Strategies

Conservation Strategies contain all of the information included in a Conservation Assessment, but provide information on how and when to manage a site. Strategies address how to manage the species and/or habitat to maintain viability or persistence of the species. They describe how individual sites/populations should be managed, and can also identify which sites/populations are needed to meet the viability, persistence, or conservation goal for the species. These documents typically cover either a significant portion or the entire range of the species, and may be created by one field unit, one agency, or be interagency in nature, but agreed upon by all units the Strategy covers. Conservation Strategies likely need to go through the National Environmental Policy Act process to be fully considered and implemented, depending upon the scale and specificity of the Strategy, and should be coordinated with BLM State/Forest Service Regional Office planning and conservation leads.


Habitat Types

Fauna - Amphibians

Fauna - Fish

Flora - Vascular Plants