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Conservation Assessments

Conservation Assessments, like Species Fact Sheet, capture and condense all of the known information about the biology and ecology of a species. However, they tend to be more comprehensive and more in depth than Species Fact Sheet. They include taxonomic, range, distribution, and habitat descriptions, but may also contain key information regarding potential items to consider when managing a species site. In addition, they often identify important inventory, research, and monitoring information that may be relevant for further understanding of the species or for adaptive management purposes. Often, Conservation Assessments provide information on the entire range of the species. Conservation Assessments are not decision documents, but are useful tools to aide biologists and botanists in evaluating project impacts, determining future informational needs, and working with managers on recommendations regarding site management.








  • 8 Species of Coastal Lichens - 2013 - (Includes Bryoria pseudocapillaris, Bryoria spiralifera, Bryoria subcana, Erioderma sorediatum, Heterodermia leucomela, Leioderma sorediatum, Niebla cephalota, Teloschistes flavicans) - Adobe .pdf File - 1.3M
  • 5 Species of Lichens – 2013 – (Includes Hypogymnia duplicata, Pilophorus nigricaulis, Pseudocyphellaria rainierensis, Sticta arctica, Tholurna dissimilis) - Adobe .pdf File - 522K
  • Dermatocarpon meiophyllizum - 2007 - Word .doc File - 378K
  • Pannaria rubiginosa - 2013 - Word .docx File - 288K




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