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Interagency Special Status /
Sensitive Species Program (ISSSSP)


[ Photograph ] Monadenia Fidelis MolluskInventories under the Interagency Special Status/Sensitive Species Program (ISSSSP) for Oregon/Washington Bureau of Land Management and Region 6 (R6) Forest Service focus on

  1. identifying known information,
  2. identifying information needs and data gaps,
  3. methodologies to fill those information gaps, and
  4. sharing knowledge.

Many of the special status and sensitive species are rare, but some are simply little known. The regional Inventory Program works with agency biologists and botanists to increase our knowledge base of all the species and thereby improve our conservation management. Depending on objectives and needs, the methods to fill information gaps may include modeling habitat or species occurrence, conducting presence/absence surveys at different scales both broad (regionally) and small (project-level), gathering basic life history data, analyzing existing data, or gathering trend data by monitoring.

This section provides protocols, reports, and models developed by biologists, botanists, and contractors in Oregon and Washington for the ISSSSP. In addition, the R6 Forest Service Regional Office and OR/WA BLM State Office provide Identification Services for the cryptic taxa encountered by agency personnel conducting their regular surveys or ISSSSP projects. Links and information regarding permits for state and federal scientific collections are also provided.