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Interagency Special Status /
Sensitive Species Program (ISSSSP)

Agency Policy and Lists

[ Photograph ] Great Gray OwlManagement for Sensitive species follows Forest Service Region 6 Sensitive Species policy as identified in Section 2670 of the Forest Service Manual (FSM). Management of Oregon/Washington Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Special Status Species follows agency policy documented in Section 6840 of the BLM Manual.

For Oregon and Washington BLM administered lands, Special Status Species policy details the need to conserve listed species and the ecosystems on which they depend. Conservation is defined as the use of all methods and procedures which are necessary to improve the condition of Special Status Species and their habitats to a point where their Special Status recognition is no longer warranted. Policy objectives also state that actions authorized or approved by the BLM do not contribute to the need to list species under the Endangered Species Act. Special Status Species are designated by the State Director in coordination with federal and state agencies.

For Region 6 of the Forest Service, Sensitive Species are defined as those plant and animal species identified by a Regional Forester for which population viability is a concern, as evidenced by significant current or predicted downward trends in population numbers or density and habitat capability that would reduce a species’ existing distribution (FSM 2670.5). Management of sensitive species “must not result in a loss of species viability or create significant trends toward federal listing” (FSM 2670.32). The Regional Forester is responsible for identifying sensitive species and shall coordinate with federal and state agencies and other sources, as appropriate, in order to focus conservation management strategies and to avert the need for Federal or State listing as a result of National Forest management activities.

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