Great Gray Owl, Red Tree Vole and Amphibians

Red tree vole, Arborimus longicaudus

Pre-Disturbance Surveys

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Site Management - Non-High Priority Sites

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Great gray owl, Strix nebulosa

Pre-Disturbance Surveys

Great Gray Owl Broadcast Calls for Pre-Disturbance Surveys

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Broadcast Calls for Pre-Disturbance Surveys

Bird Calls that May be Confused with Great gray owl calls and Other Owls You May Encounter During Your Surveys

Site Management


Pre-Disturbance Surveys

Site Management

  • Shasta salamander, Hydromantes shastae – Please see the January 2001 Record of Decision and Standards and Guidelines for Amendments to the Survey and Manage, Protection Buffer, and other Mitigation Measures Standards and Guidelines, page 40 of the Standards and Guidelines section.
  • Please see the ISSSSP website for conservation assessments for the following species:
    • Larch Mountain salamander, Plethodon larselli
    • Siskiyou Mountains salamander, Plethodon stormi
    • Van Dyke’s salamander, Plethodon vandykei