The NWFP includes standards and guidelines, as an attachment to the Record of Decision, which provide specific management direction regarding how lands in different land use designations are to be managed. These standards and guidelines consist of rules and limits governing actions and the principles specifying the environmental conditions or levels to be achieved and maintained.

The direction established by these standards and guidelines is added to the existing management direction for those administrative units without adopted Forest or District Plans, and will supersede management direction contained in existing plans where it differs for specific resources or areas, except as otherwise specifically provided. Standards and guidelines and land allocations in the existing plans not directly superseded will remain in effect. These standards and guidelines and land allocations will be incorporated into plans which are being developed.

Additional direction to management agencies includes, but is not limited to directives, policy, handbooks, manuals, as well as other plans, regulations, laws and treaties. The standards and guidelines presented here supersede other direction except treaties, laws, and regulations unless that direction is more restrictive or provides greater benefits to late successional forest related species.

The full text of the Standards and Guidelines can be found in the NWFP Record of Decision, appendix A (see the documents archive).