Meeting Date Documents Agenda Topics Status Updates
2011 September 29 Agenda
- Implementation of Interagency Departmental MOU dated 9/29/10 - Availability of NWFP 15-year Monitoring Reports
2011 April 12 Agenda
- Communication Plan for NWFP 15-year Monitoring Reports
- Interagency Departmental MOU dated 9/29/10
2011 February 23 Agenda
- Draft RIEC Memorandum of Understanding
- Draft Framework to Guide Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management Land Use Plan Revisions and Amendments
2010 August 31 Agenda
- 15-year Monitoring Report Overview
- Overview of Principles to Guide Plan Revisions
- Western Oregon Task Force Report
2010 May 27 Agenda
- RIEC Update: History, Status, Future Meetings
- Landscape Assessments & Collaborations
September 18, 2008 Prework
No Notes
- Climate Change Coordination
- Fisher Conservation Strategy
- BLM Proposed Plan Revisions
- Forest Service Plan Revisions
- Aquatic/Riparian Conservation Strategy
- Interagency Monitoring
March 19, 2008 Prework
- Coordination on BLM Western Oregon Plan Revisions
- Energy Impacts to the NWFP Area and Agencies
- Barred Owl Control
- Northwest Natural Resources Forum Follow-up and Next Steps
- RIEC Review of Proposed Plan Amendments
- RIEC Support and Facilitation
- Updates on Recovery Plans, Critical Habitat Designations, and Monitoring
2007 August 21 Prework
- Update on Adaptive Management and Monitoring Subcommittee on priority questions and accomplishments, and Monitoring Program Update
- Fire-Prone Systems Subcommittee Update
- Northwest Energy Projects Update
- Recovery Planning (Salmon & Steelhead, Northern Spotted Owl) Update
- BLM Western Oregon Plan Revisions
- Critical Habitat (Marbled Murrelet, Northern Spotted Owl)
- Interim Barred Owl Working Group
- Survey & Manage Final Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement
- Coastal Coho Court Decision
- Northwest Natural Resources Forum Update
- Senior Managers Group Transition Update
- Regional Ecosystem Office Transition Update
2007 February 7 Prework
- RIEC (Restate agreements from December meeting, RIEC and REO review requirements, Senior Managers Group organization concepts, Identify next steps)
- INTERGOVERNMENTAL ADVISORY COMMITTEE (Restate agreements from December RIEC meeting, Report on the calls to the IAC non-Federal members, Review proposed IAC meeting agenda, Identify next steps)
- PROVINCIAL ADVISORY COMMITTEE (Present survey responses, Discuss rechartering options and structure, Identify next steps)
- REGIONAL ECOSYSTEM OFFICE (Present transition plan overview, Identify next steps)
- FUTURE NORTHWEST FORUM (Present structure proposal, Identify sponsoring agencies, Discuss proposed timeframe, Identify next steps)
2006 December 1 Prework
- Interview Summary
- Options for Change Under the NWFP – Process Considerations
- Future of the RIEC
- Future of the IAC and PACs
- RIEC Support – Future of the REO
- Organizational Structure Options for Interagency Coordination
- Next Steps
August 16, 2006 Prework
- Survey and Management Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement
- Structured Decision Making
- Litigation Update
- RIEC subcommittee activities
- Examining the RIEC/IAC Future Structure
-NMFS Recovery Planning
- Status of Willamette-North Coast Thinning Programmatic and Fish Habitat Restoration Programmatic Biological Opinions
- Status of Northern Spotted Owl, Recovery Plan
March 17, 2006 Prework
-Adaptive Management/Monitoring RIEC Subcommittee sponsored meeting with updates, presentations, and decisions
January 24, 2006 Prework
- Willamette Ecosystem Marketplace
- R6 Forest Plan Revisions and RIEC Coordination
- Plan Revisions in Northeast Washington Forests
- Survey & Manage Litigation
- Management Implications Overview
- Fire-Prone Systems Subcommittee Update
- Adaptive Management & Monitoring Subcommittee Update
- NSO Recovery Plan
- Marbled Murrelet Proposed Delisting - Management Implications Subcommittee Fire-Prone Systems – Riparian Reserves Draft Work Plan
- Publishing Status of Northwest Forest Plan 10-Year Interpretive Reports
October 18, 2005 Prework
- Management Implications Overview
- RIEC subcommittee progress reports (Adaptive Management/Monitoring, Fire-Prone Systems)
EPA Fine Particle (PM 2.5) Designations
Interagency Timeline Online
July 28, 2005 Prework
- RIEC subcommittee progress reports (Adaptive Management/Monitoring, Fire-Prone Systems, and Communications)
- Marbled Murrelet Zone Issue follow-up
- August Intergovernmental Advisory Committee (IAC) Field Trip Update
June 1, 2005 Prework
- Recovery Planning (NOAA-Fisheries)
- Recovery Planning, Critical Habitat, and other reviews (Northern Spotted Owl, Marbled Murrelet, Bull Trout, and Barred Owl)
- Clean Water Act, Clean Air Act, and other issues
MANAGEMENT IMPLICATIONS SUBCOMMITTEE REPORTS (Fire Subcommittee, Communications Subcommittee, and Other Implication Topics)
IAC Field Trip Update/Discussion
EXECUTIVE SESSION (Closed) - Adaptive management, Fire-Prone Systems, Communications, Other
April 21, 2005 Prework
- Debriefing the Science Conference
- Next Steps – Bringing the data and advice together
- Options and Opportunities for RIEC Follow-up
April 1, 2005 Prework
- Region 6 National Forest Plan Revisions
- BLM Oregon/Washington Plan Revisions
- Management Implications of 10-Year Monitoring Reports and Synthesis
- Communications Plan
- Update on Summer IAC Field Trip - “Managing Interagency Records” Brochure
January 25, 2005 Prework
- FS Planning Rule
- Focus on Critical Habitat
- Willamette PIEC Presentation
- Monitoring Program
- IAC Rechartering Decision
- Section 7 Consultation Subcommittee - FS Roadless Rule Changes
- Special Status Species Program Update
- IAC Annual Report Submission
November 2, 2004 Prework
- 10 year Monitoring Reports Progress
- Northern Spotted Owl Consultation Workgroup Report
- Analytical Process for Endangered Species Act Consultations on Aquatic Species
- Communications Team Report
- Preview of IAC Meeting
- Status Review Updates
- Marbled Murrelet/Spotted Owl
- Science/Resource Manager Meetings Update
- Other late breaking news
- Marbled Murrelet/Spotted Owl Reviews
July 21, 2004 Prework
- BLM Plan Revisions
- Use of New Information in a Biological Opinion
- Review of the IAC Field Trip
June 8, 2004 Prework
- 10-year monitoring reports overview
- Future research/monitoring distribution and review processes
- NWFP Implementation Review Reports
- Litigation Update
- Future meeting dates, logistics and topics.
March 10, 2004 Prework
- Northwest Forest Plan Implementation Review Reports
- Expanding RIEC Membership
- Brief update on Recent Research Meeting
- IAC meeting topics and processes
January 22, 2004 Prework
No Notes
- Recap of recent visit to Washington, D.C.
- Topics for Upcoming IAC meeting
- Update on potential future IAC meeting in California
- Update on ACS SEIS
- Update on Survey and Manage SEIS
- Five-Year Review of Northern Spotted Owl and Marbled Murrelet
November 5, 2003 Prework
- NWFP Land Allocation Map Update
- NWFP Implementation Review
- 2004 REO Work Plan
- RIEC Operating Principles
- REO Operating Principles
- Capturing IAC Recommendations
October 2, 2003 Prework
REO Transition/Interagency Coordination
Monitoring Program Activities & Interagency Budget
ARC Lawsuit update
NWFP Review in Region 5
August 5, 2003 Prework
The first four months in review - REO Transition & Natural Resources Executive Forum
NWFP Review in Region 5
Interagency budgets FY 2004
(Attachments omitted on web version due to file size and display complications)
April 1, 2003 Prework
RIEC Operating Principles and new NWFP MOU
IAC Preview and Preparation
FY03 Agency MOU Regarding Funding Surcharges
March 11, 2003 Prework
Review of Proposed April ‘03 IAC Meeting Agenda
Northwest Natural Resources Forum
AMA Interpretive Guidance Assignment
Summary Reports from RIEC Subcommittees
FY03 Agency MOU for Budget Exceptions
Subcommittee Meeting: Aquatic Conservation Strategy
Status reports
- Passage of FY03 Omnibus Appropriations Act
- 2003 REO Annual Report
- FWS’s Not-Warranted Finding on Petition to List the California Spotted Owl under the ESA
- Latest developments on designating critical habitat and developing recovery plan for Bull Trout populations
- NWFP - related Litigation
- ESA Status Reviews on Northern Spotted Owl & Marbled Murrelet
- Id on non-high priority sites for Red Tree Vole
- Federal Exec. Board Meeting re: Partnership for Public Service
February 12, 2003 Prework
IAC Working Group Informational Conf. Call
Future Interagency Organizational Support Structure-Report
Future RIEC Meeting Schedule
Managing & Protecting NWFP Records
Subcommittee Meeting: Aquatic Conservation Strategy
- Forest Community Research’s Report on the NW Economic Adjustment (NEAI)
- Port Orford Cedar SEIS
- NWFP Annual Accomplishment Report
- Monitoring Book Publication
- NWFP-related Litigation
- PCFFA Settlement Negotiations
- Science Findings Follow-up
January 7, 2003 Prework
New Science Findings
NWFP Monitoring: Latest Data & Developments
Proposed Review Delegation Criteria - Follow-up Discussion Subcommittee Meetings:
- Aquatic Conservation Strategy
- Survey & Manage
- New NFMA proposed planning regulations
- NEPA Categorical Exclusions for CertainFire Management Activities
- Science Info Sharing Seminar Day – January 9, 2003 - Litigation, Legislation, and Loose Ends
- Breaking News….Transportation Workshop
December 16, 2002 Prework Subcommittee meetings concerning:
- Organizational Support Structure Oversight
- RIEC Follow-up Discussion on Proposed Review Delegation Criteria
- Aquatic Conservation Subcommittee Meeting
- Survey & Manage Subcommittee Meeting
December 4, 2002 Notes
Survey & Manage Subcommittee
RIEC Executive Session
Delegation Criteria for Review of Certain Changes to NWFP S&G and Land Allocations
Nov. 18, 2002 Prework Potential Improvements to the NWFP
Proposed Agenda Topics for Dec. 4 IAC
Proposed CY 2003 RIEC & NW Natural Resources Forum Meetings Framework
Records Strategies for the REO and the NWFP
FY03 REO Budget
ESA listing activities re: western gray squirrel and gray wolf within NWFP area
REO’s role in evaluating projects for Watershed Initiative grants
October 8, 2002 Prework
Executive updates on potential improvements to the NWFP
RIEC/REO Review Exemption & PIEC Delegation Criteria
Proposed IAC Communication Reforms & Enhancements
NWFP-related litigation
REO Budget
Sept. 10, 2002 Prework
Potential Improvements to the NWFP
Options for NWFP’s Supporting Organizational Structure
RIEC/REO Review Exemption & PIEC Delegation Criteria
Proposal for Delegation of S&M-Related Reviews to IMB
IAC Conference Call Preparation
REO FY 03 Budget
NWFP-related litigation
S&M Implementation
Comprehensive NWFP Land Allocation Map Update
Forest Restoration and Protection Act of 2002, Draft Legislative Proposal
Forest Futures Conference on September 25, 2002 at Willamette University
Aug. 30, 2002 Prework NWFP Orientation Session:
So how did we get here anyway? (panel)
Cornerstones & Primary Principles of the NWFP
NWFP Implementation to Date
Transition Discussion:
Introductory remarks
Update from Washington, D.C.
NWFP Organizational Structure
The Road Ahead
June 21, 2002 Prework
Potential Improvements to the NWFP
Options for NWFP’s Supporting Organizational Structure
Managing Transition to new RIEC Co-Chairs
Putting Adaptive Management into Practice
Monitoring (Northern Spotted Owl & Tribal)
NWFP-related litigation; FERC/ACS RIEC subcommittee; RIEC/REO review exemption criteria development; Update and blueprint for S&M-related reviews.
FY2002 REO/RMG work plan progress, Umpqua Land Exchange Project, W. Governors Assn Conference on Fire & Forest Health, Federal roadless bill, and recent congressional hearings of note.
May 2, 2002 Prework
Potential Improvements to the NWFP
Putting Adaptive Management Into Practice
Proposed RIEC Meetings Schedule Framework
Preparation for May ‘02 IAC Meeting
U.S. House Forests & Forest Health Subcommittee Hearing on “Charter Forests”
Recent or imminent REO/RMG Staff Changes
April 2, 2002 Prework
Executive Session
Putting Adaptive Management into Practice
Updated NWFP Land Allocation Map and Adjustments Process
Proposal to Delegate & Establish Interagency Work Group to Facilitate Certain Survey & Manage Review Responsibilities
REO’s brown-bag lunch seminar series pilot program
U.S. House Resources Committee legislative hearing on Endangered Species Act science-related bills
Announcement of formal negotiations concerning possible return to Klamath Tribe of Federal lands within NWFP area
Follow-up actions on redesigned REO website
Letters re: Forest Service application of MM-1
March 5, 2002 Prework
Putting Adaptive Management Into Practice
Potential Improvements to the NWFP
Survey & Manage Implementation Matters
Redesigned REO Website
“Innovations in Species Conservation” symposium web notice
Northern Spotted Owl Monitoring Review Team
New & improved REO Records Management Strategy
February 7, 2002 Prework
Executive Session
IAC Meeting Overview & Preparations
REO findings on review of Middle Thompson research project and revised study plan
Draft Strategic Survey Implementation Guide
January 22, 2002 Prework
Science Findings of Potential Significance to NWFP
Framework for Bringing New Information to the RIEC to Facilitate Adaptive Management
Consideration and Utilization of Science Findings by the RIEC
FERC/ACS Long-Term Questions and Answers
Monitoring Topics for IAC Advice
Oregon Agreement Proposal
December 4, 2001 Prework - Recovery Planning Opportunities for Federal Involvement
- Potential Future Roles of RIEC & REO
- FY2002 NFP Monitoring Budget & Priorities
- Findings of RIEC Subcommittee Associated with 2001 Survey & Manage Annual Species Review
- Oregon Agreement Proposal
- Umpqua Land Exchange Project
- Final CY2002 RIEC/IAC meetings calendar
November 1, 2001 Prework - FY2002 REO/RMG Work Plan
- NWFP Powerpoint presentation
- Alternative Analytical Framework for Formal ESA Anadromous Fish Consultation
- Updating & Tracking of Northern Spotted Owl Environmental Baseline
- Prepare for November ‘01 IAC Meeting
- Report of the Thinnings Adaptive Mgmt Options Development (TMOD) Interagency Work Group
- Department of the Interior & related Agencies Appropriations conference report
- Oregon Agreement Proposal
- CY 2002 RIEC/IAC Meeting Dates
October 2, 2001 Prework
- REO’s FY02 Work Plan
- NWFP WO Briefing Powerpoint presentation
- Impending Mgmt Adaptations in Survey & Manage
- REO’s FY2002 Budget
- Proposed RIEC/IAC Meeting Dates for CY 2002
September 5, 2001 Prework - Progress Report on REO’s FY02 Budget
- Budget Issues & Potential Implications for NFP Monitoring in FY02
- Thinning in Dense, Younger Stands (TMOD) Report
- Near-term Responses to PCFFA Court Rulings
-Exploration of alternative mgmt strategies for the conservation of rare and little known species
- Annual Species Review Process
- FERC/ACS Long-Term Questions & Answers
- California Biodiversity Council 10-year anniversary meeting
- Little Sandy/Bull Run Watershed legislation
August 2, 2001 Prework - Update on PCFFA Court Rulings
- REO’s FY02 Budget
- Oregon Agreement Proposal
- Science Findings
- Review of NWFP S&G and Land Allocation Modifications
- Species’ Environmental Baselines under ESA
- Survey & Manage Progress Report
- National Fire Plan implementation
- Umpqua Land Exchange Project (ULEP)
- Monitoring Budget Challenges & September Presentation
- Status of Forest Service’s Roadless Area Conservation Rule
June 20, 2001 Prework - Follow-up Actions to May 31Meeting
- Review of Site-specific NWFP S&G Modification for Ski Area Spur Road
- Survey & Manage Progress Report
- Thinning in Dense, Young Stands
- Emergent Research on Northern Spotted Owl
- Completion of Fifth/Sixth Field Watershed Delineations
- Update on NWFP-related litigation
- Potential impending request for RIEC/REO Review of S&G modification
- Future RIEC XXOS Meeting Dates
May 31, 2001 Prework - Critical Issues Facing Regional Executives in Implementation of NWFP
- NWFP - If & When to Conduct A Broad-Scale Re-Examination
- Future Composition, Scope, Purpose, Role, & Operation of RIEC/REO & NWFP Interagency Framework
- 2001 Drought
April 3, 2001 Prework
- NWFP Interagency Transition Briefing
- FERC/ACS: Final Set of Short-term Q& A’s
- IAC Advisory Topics for Balance of 2001
- Exploring Alternative Mgmt Strategies for Conservation of Rare & Little-Known Species
- Update on NFP-related litigation
- Update on Future RIEC Meetings
- Interagency Land-Use Allocation Adjustments/Update
- RIEC/REO Review of NFP S&Gs or LUA Modifications
- Update on Red Tree Vole letter
March 6, 2001 Prework
- Thinning dense, younger stands for LSOG development follow-up
- Aquatic Riparian Effectiveness Monitoring Plan
- RIEC/REO Coordination/Review of Proposed Modifications to NWFP S&Gs
- Interagency NWFP Transition Briefing
- Willamette Restoration Initiative Update
- Lower Umpqua Land Ownership Adjustment Project
- BLM’s Third-year Evaluation
- 2001 S&M Species Review Process
- Update on NWFP-related litigation
- REO Office Move: Timing & Scheduling Implications
- Future RIEC Offsite Meeting
February 1, 2001 Prework
- REO 2001 Work Plan
- Overview of Key Items for IAC Meeting: Advice Process & Operating Principles, REO/RIEC Review of Modifications to NWFP S&Gs, Potential IAC Advice Topics for 2001, IAC involvement in Long-Term Implementation Monitoring
- Update on Survey & Manage ROD
- Willamette Restoration Initiative Update
- Update on NRCS participation in REO
- Update on NWFP-Related Litigation
- Status of Evaluation of recent Science Findings
- Update on County Payments Legislation
- Proposed Administrative Withdrawal for 1.2 million acres in Siskiyou Wild Rivers area
January 9, 2001 Prework
- NWFP 2000 Annual Accomplishments Report
- REO 2001 Draft Work Plan
- Possible IAC Advice Topic List
- Final version of AREMP
- Update on ROD for proposed Survey & Manage Amendments
- Litigation Update
- Progress Report on National Fire Plan
December 5, 2000 Prework
- Progress Report on NFP Monitoring Program
- Proposed Amendments to NFP Survey & Manage Standards & Guidelines
- Developments in LSR S&Gs Interpretation
- Litigation Update
- AFRC Challenge to Red Tree Vole Classification
- National BLM Off-Highway Vehicle Policy
November 2, 2000 Prework
- Major New Science Findings with Potential Management Implications
- Present science findings
- Discuss possible NWFP implications
- Recommendation for future process
- Umpqua Land Exchange Project
- Update on FACA rechartering
- Litigation Update
- New County Payments Legislation
- S&M FSEIS Update
- Collaborative Resource Training Course
- FERC/ACS update
- Tribal Effectiveness Monitoring Update
October 3, 2000 Prework
- Survey & Manage Final SEIS
- REO Executive Director’s Meetings in D.C.
- IAC Involvement
- Update for SEIS, Tribal Effectiveness Monitoring (EM), Aquati Riparian EM, & FERC/ACS
- RIEC/IAC 2001 meeting dates
- Litigation Update
- Special RIEC meeting 10/24
- ISC meeting
- Transition for IAC members
- IAC rechartering
- Collaborative Resource Management Interagency Training Initiative
September 6, 2000 Prework
- Survey & Manage SEIS Effort Update
- Results of the RIEC S&M Subcommittee Meeting on Recommendation(s) for S&M Organization
- Draft Regional Monitoring Interagency Agreement for Comment
- RIEC/IAC Meeting Dates for CY 2001
- Collaborative Resource Management Interagency Training Initiative
- Litigation Update
- Non-Federal Hydropower Projects & the NWFP (FERC/ACS)
- Proposal for a Transition Meeting for New IAC Members
August 3, 2000 Prework
- Aquatic/Riparian Effectiveness Monitoring Plan - Process, timelines, IAC involvement
- Survey & Manage SEIS Updates, Advice, & ISC meeting
- RIEC feedback on Proposed Procedure to Obtain Non-Federal Advice from the IAC
- Litigation Update
- California IAC Subcommittee
- Tribal Effectiveness Monitoring
- Proposed EPA TMDL Rule
- Socio-Economic Effectiveness Monitoring
- Rechartering the IAC
June 6, 2000 Prework
- Survey & Manage SEIS Recommended Preferred Alternative
- Non-federal Hydropower Projects and the NFP (FERC/ACS)
- Litigation Update - Judge Rothstein’s Ruling
- Aquatic/Riparian Effectiveness Monitoring
- Possible Interagency Steering Committee Meeting
- REO Executive Director Position
- Progress on Planning a Field IAC Meeting
- IAC and PAC Rechartering Progress
- Implementation Monitoring FY 2000
- Aquatic Conservation Strategy Consistency Determinations Progress Report
May 4, 2000 Prework
- Approve RIEC Issue Resolution/Decision-Making Process
- Survey & Manage Update (Status of SEIS Preparation, Selection of Preferred Alternative, Response to IAC Subcommittee Review)
- Monitoring Program Update
- Implementation Monitoring - Status of FY 1999 IM Report and Description of the FY 2000 Program
- IAC Rechartering Progress Report
- Litigation Update - Judge Rothstein Ruling
- Adaptive Management Areas - Work Group Recommendation
- Non-Federal Hydropower Projects and the NWFP (FERC/ACS) Update
- Science Findings with Significant Management Policy Implications
- Strategic Surveys
April 4, 2000 Notes - Field Tour of Cascade Stream Watch in the Wildwood Recreation Area
- Past RIEC Operations/ Current RIEC Operations/ Future Initiatives
March 7, 2000 Prework
- Litigation Update - Judge Rothstein’s Ruling
- Survey and Manage (S&M) SEIS
- Survey and Manage Program
- Monitoring Program
- Objectives /Agenda for Apr 4 RIEC Meeting
- Rechartering the IAC
February 3, 2000 Prework
- REO GIS FY 2000 Work Plan
- Survey & Manage Progress Report
- Preview IAC Agenda Items (S&M DSEIS Advice from IAC, Annual Accomplishments Report, Forest Service New National Forest Management Act (NFMA) Regulations, President’s Roadless Area Initiative)
- Judge Rothstein Ruling
- New Developments in LSRs
- Initiate Discussion for an April ISC Meeting
- Monitoring Program Progress Report
January 11, 2000 Prework
- Monitoring Presentation
- REO FY 2000 Work Plan & corrective actions to Management Review
- Litigation Update
- FY 2000 REO Budget
- Survey and Manage Strategic Surveys
December 7, 1999 Prework
- Litigation Update
- REO Management Review Results of Phase I
- IAC/PAC Relationship, Coordination, and Communication
- FERC Relicensing - Background and proposal for discussion
- Survey & Manage Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement
- NMFS Biological Opinions Pursuant to Judge Rothstein’s Ruling
- Aquatic Conservation Strategy (ACS)
- Developments in Late-Successional Reserves
- FY 2000 REO Budget and Work Plan
November 15, 1999 Prework
- Identifying a preferred alternative in the S&M SEIS. Additional S&M information (w/o attachments)
November 4, 1999 Prework
- Interagency Steering Committee Mtg Info Sharing & Follow-up: Litigation, Survey & Manage Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (SEIS), Northwest Forest Plan Monitoring, Northwest Economic Adjustment Initiative (NWEAI), Developments in Late-Successional Reserves, REO Executive Director Position, Observations from the Executives
- Litigation Update
- Survey and Manage SEIS
- Present and Discuss Alternatives
- Agree on a Preferred Alternative
- Northwest Forest Plan Monitoring Program Presentation
- Joint IAC/PAC Meeting
- RIEC & IAC Year 2000 Meeting Dates
- Activity Information Sharing - Annual Accomplishments Report
- New Developments in Late-Successional Reserves
- Interagency Species Management System (ISMS) Data Base
- REO Executive Director Recruitment
- Potential Agenda Topics for December 7
October 20, 1999 Prework
- Response to Judge Dwyer’s Ruling Including the Proposed Extension of the Survey and Manage Environmental Assessment
- Aquatic Conservation Strategy Consistency Determination Interpretation: Status of the effort, discussion, and guidance on next steps
September 15, 1999 Prework
- EIS Team Members Report (Revised Purpose and Need, Description of the Alternatives, How We Intend to Address the Viability Requirement)
- Timeline for Completion of the Draft
- Discussion and Agreement on Next Steps
(w/o attachments)
September 9, 1999 Prework
- Implementation of NWFP Monitoring Presentation
- Survey and Manage (Update on the EIS Effort, Proposed Draft Charter for the Intermediate Managers Group, Litigation Update)
- Willamette Restoration Initiative
- REO Executive Director Recruitment
- ISC Meeting Agenda
- Restoration Project Tracking Database
- Aquatic Conservation Strategy Interpretation
- Joint IAC/PAC Meeting
- New Developments in LSRs Interpretation
- Socio-Economic Effectiveness Monitoring
September 3, 1999 Prework
- Range of alternatives in the Survey and Manage Draft EIS
August 5, 1999 Prework
- Implementation of NWFP Monitoring Presentation
- Litigation Update
- Survey & Manage Effort Update
- Preview IAC Agenda Items: “How Conservation Gets Placed on Private Lands”, Joint IAC/PAC Mtg Planning Update, RCERT Report, Tribal Effectiveness Monitoring Draft Module
- REO Executive Director Recruitment
- New Developments in LSRs
- Aquatic Conservation Strategy Interpretation
- REO Management Review
- Interagency Restoration Project Tracking Database
June 2, 1999 Meeting Announcement
- Developments in Late-Successional Reserves
- Aquatic Conservation Strategy Interpretation
- Litigation
- Survey & Manage Effort
- Effectiveness Monitoring: Overview, Tribal Module, Socio-Economic Module, Preview of Effectiveness Monitoring for the October ISC Meeting
- REO Management Review
- Follow-up from the Interagency Steering Committee Mtg
- REO Budget for FY 1999
- REO Executive Director Recruitment Effort
May 13, 1999 Prework
- Monitoring Program Roles and Responsibilities
May 6, 1999 Prework
- Interagency Steering Committee Meeting Debrief
- New Developments in LSRs
- Aquatic Conservation Strategy Interpretation
- Litigation Update
- Preview IAC Agenda including Tribal Effectiveness Monitoring Charter Changes
- Joint IAC/PAC Meeting Planning Update
- Survey & Manage Effort Update
- REO Executive Director Recruitment Effort
- Special RIEC Meeting on Implementation of NWFP Monitoring
April 6, 1999 Prework
- Clean Water Action Plan - Federal Coor. Team Mtg
- Litigation Update
- Survey and Manage Preview of the Proposed Action
- Interagency Response to the GAO Report
- Interagency Priority Budget Group for FY 2000-2002
- Road Access Policy: Road Mileage in Key Watershed
- Interagency Steering Committee Mtg Preparation
- New Developments in LSRs
- Aquatic Conservation Strategy Interpretation
- Recruitment for the REO Executive Director
- Joint IAC/PAC Meeting Planning
March 2, 1999 Prework
- Imple. and Effect. Monitoring update
- Effectiveness Monitoring Roles and Responsibility
- Litigation Update
- Survey & Manage Effort Update: EA, EIS, and Long-Term Plan
- New Developments in LSRs
- April ISC Meeting Preparation
- REO Executive Director Recruitment Effort
- Interagency Priority Budget Group
- Aquatic Conservation Strategy Interpretation
February 4, 1999 Notes
January 5, 1999 Notes
December 9, 1998 Prework
- New REO Executive Director
- Letter to CEQ, asking for an ISC meeting at the end of April and October
- New Developments in LSRs
- Development of an interagency strategic plan
- Aquatic Conservation Strategy letter
- The ONRC lawsuit
- The EIS and EA for Survey and Manage
- Development of Socio-economic and Tribal effectiveness monitoring proposals
- Development of the REO budget
November 5, 1998 Prework
- New Developments in LSRs Interpretation
- Aquatic Conservation Strategy Interpretation
- Activity Information Sharing Notebook
- Survey and Manage Efforts Update
- Funding for Interagency Efforts
- Implementation of Effectiveness Monitoring
- Implementation Monitoring for FY 1997 Report
- Implementation Monitoring for FY 1998
- Lawsuit and Settlement Offer Update
October 6, 1998 Prework
- Review REO interpretation of “Developments” in LSRs
- Review Status of EA proposing a 1 Year delay for some S&M Species
- IAC & RIEC meeting schedule for 1999
- Efforts to develop the multi-year project planning and budgeting process
- How the handoff is occurring regarding the implementation of effectiveness monitoring modules
August 6, 1998 Prework
- S&M review options and agree on a regional proposal to take to the August 12 ISC meeting
- Potential IAC Meeting Dates for 1999
- Tribal Effectiveness Monitoring
- ISC Meeting agenda, logistics, and update on attendance.
July 7, 1998 Prework
- Debriefing from the Washington, D.C. meetings
- Resolving the survey & manage issue, id of several options, including a “preferred” option
- Proposed schedule leading to an ISC meeting
June 9, 1998 Prework
- S&M: proposed changes in S&M report
- Regional Sustainability Council
- MOU: resolve a few issues
April 7, 1998 Prework
- Cover memo by Jim Pipkin & Draft NWFP MOU Report
- Implementation Monitoring Topics for FY 1998
- Draft Interagency Strategy for 4th Anniversary of NFP
- S&M Briefing/Status Report
March 3, 1998 Prework
- NWFP MOU Discussion
- Presentation on Oregon Forest Practices
- Discuss the need/strategy for a coordinated federal agency response to the ForestWater Alliance
- Status Report Work Group Chair
- State of the Environment Report
February 5, 1998 Prework
- Future regional federal executive meetings
- Federal agency field trips
- Status of the NFP MOU review
January 6, 1998
December 11, 1997
November 12, 1997
November 6, 1997 Prework
-NSO, MaMu, and LSOG Effectiveness Monitoring
-Aquatic/Riparian Effectiveness Monitoring
-Social/Economic Effectiveness Monitoring
-NFP MOU Review and Questionnaire
September 25, 1997 Prework - 999 -The 15% Retention issue
August 12, 1997 Prework
Notes - 982
-REO budget for FY 1998
-Implementation of the socio-economic monitoring effort
-Review the Northwest Forest Plan MOU
-Interagency participation on the PAC and PIEC
June 17, 1997 Cancelled
May 6, 1997 Prework -15% Retention issue
-REO budget
April 8, 1997 Cancelled
March 11, 1997 Cancelled
February 4, 1997 Prework -Watershed analysis process
-Effectiveness monitoring
-REO Rescission Act memo
January 7, 1997 Notes
December 3, 1996 Prework - Coordination of post-Rescission Act activities
- Status of Umpqua Basin Consultations
November 5, 1996 Prework - Potential effects of Rescission Act sales