March 19, 2008

August 21, 2007

  • August 21, 2007 Notes
  • Topic: Fire-prone Systems subcommittee - This subcommittee was directed to focus on the habitat risk model. The budget and riparian reserve tasks (also assigned to this subcommittee) were dropped given higher priority work.

February 7, 2007

  • February 7, 2007 Notes
  • Topic: Summary of Decisions (restatement of decisions from the December meeting).
  • Topic: RIEC and REO Review and Coordination Requirements
    • No changes to LSR review responsibilities, interpretation of standards and guidelines, and review and coordination associated with plan revisions.
    • Use new review process for reviewing changes to Standards and Guidelines, land allocations, and other plan amendments.
    • Delegate additional Survey and Manage Responsibilities to the RIEC Survey and Manage Subcommittee.
  • Topic: Senior Manager's Group (SMG) Organizational Concepts - Meeting logistics, operation, membership, and role.
  • Topic: Provincial Advisory Committees (PACs) -The RIEC decided to re-charter some PACs and not to re-charter others based on poll.
  • Topic: Regional Ecosystem Office (REO) - Additional logistical suggestions made regarding the REO transition to a virtual organization.
  • Topic: Northwest Natural Resources Forum - Meeting logistics, criteria, attendance, topics, etc.

December 1, 2006 (REO 2244)

  • Topic: RIEC Meeting Logistics
    • One annual all-RIEC Meeting, with agenda being driven by RIEC members and process led by RIEC Chair agency. No other regularly schedule RIEC meetings.
    • Communicate decisions re: the expanded role of the Senior Manager's Group (SMG).
    • Additional RIEC meetings can be requested by the SMG, RIEC agencies, and other subgroups with delegated responsibility. Requests should be sent to the RIEC Chair.
    • Rework interagency MOU to reflect these decisions.
  • Topic: Future of the IAC
    • Do not renew IAC Charter in 2007
    • Develop options for future nonfederal involvement on Northwest Forest Plan issues.
    • Discuss options with IAC members in advance of and at next IAC meeting
  • Topic: Future of the PAC/PAC
    • No final decisions made.

August 16, 2006

  • August 16, 2006 Notes
  • Topic: Litigation Update - RIEC members agreed to foster more communication among agency attorneys and litigation coordinators to improve litigation support. Anne Badgley will compile a list of agency litigation contacts and inform them of the RIEC’s interest in improving communications, after which Sue Zike will make an initial contact to assess opportunities for coordination. (If additional management support is needed, Anne can engage the Senior Managers’ Group on this topic.)
  • Topic: Adaptive Management and Monitoring Subcommittee Report - Suggestions for revisions to monitoring protocols will be coordinated through the Senior Managers Group.
  • Topic: Examining the RIEC/IAC Future Structure - The RIEC will utilize an outside party to facilitate a discussion that will focus on the future structure of the RIEC, IAC, PIECs, PACs, and REO. Linda Goodman (FS, R6) and Mike Crouse (NOAA-Fisheries) will assist Anne Badgely in interviewing and selecting a facilitator for this process. Possible sources for facilitation include the Oregon Consensus Institute and the National Policy Consensus Center.

March 17, 2006

  • March 17, 2006 Notes
  • Topic: General Decisions:
    • The RIEC agreed to a set of priority questions that will guide NWFP regional monitoring and research investments over the next decade.
    • The RIEC decided on NWFP monitoring options to pursue for priority questions including annual cost ceilings.
  • Topic: Current monitoring protocols will need to be revisited in light of decisions regarding direction for monitoring of priority questions for the NWFP area. Decisions regarding monitoring options are outlined below.
    • What is the status and trend of watershed condition? (M-5)
      • Option C – Watershed stream reach sampling with data integrated within a GIS decision support model.
      • Additional direction: (1) Determine cost to transition PacFish/InFish Biological Opinion (PIBO) monitoring protocol to GIS framework. Want proof of concept on integrating PIBO and the Aquatic Riparian Effectiveness Monitoring Program (AREMP) data within GIS decision model framework; (2) Suggest revisions for protocols and design for program; and (3) Senior Managers Group (SMG) to revisit decisions after additional information is available.
    • What is the status and trend of NSO habitat ? (MR-2)
      • Option A – Complete range wide habitat in-growth & loss every 10 years on Federal lands. Update habitat loss and change detection every 5 years.
      • Additional direction: Explore how to estimate change in habitat due to losses from fire annually. The FS Remote Sensing Application Center (RSAC) is investigating this.
    • Did we accomplish planned activities and comply with standards and guides? (M-1)
      • Option A – Develop recommendations & options for protocols to standardize BLM/ FS annual reporting and mapping of ground disturbing activities including standards, elements to be tracked and costs.
      • Additional direction: Consider including compliance for each mapped activity in database.
    • What is the status and trend of late-successional old-growth? (M-3)
      • Option B – Revise protocol to implement Interagency Mapping & Assessment Process (IMAP) program for Oregon, Washington, and California.
    • What is the status and trend of NSO populations? (M-11)
      • Option D – Continue current demography studies while evaluating a population survey approach (Option C). Complete transition plan (include options for strata and costs), pilot to test protocol, and peer review in Year 1.
      • Additional direction: Goal is to complete transition in Year 2 to population survey approach, provided that the evaluation shows that the approach is cost effective and satisfies requirements for NSO population monitoring. Review transition plan at end of Year 1; consider peer review and pilot test results. In Year 2, make final decision regarding population survey approach and continuation of demographic studies.
    • What is the status and trend of MAMU habitat & populations? (M-4)
      • Option 1A – Continue current monitoring of populations and habitats for one year to complete data needed for power analysis, then re-evaluate to consider status of murrelet and other survey options.
    • What is the status and trend of socioeconomic well being? (MR-3)
      • Option A – Periodic regional analysis of existing data (e.g., 10-year census)
      • Additional direction: Suggest process and options with cost estimates.
    • What is the status and trend of government-to-government consultation? (M-8)
      • Option: Waiting for Interagency Tribal Monitoring Task Group (TMTG) to develop options and recommendations for RIEC consideration. The TMTG to report out by mid-April. This question will encompass other tribal related questions (e.g., M-9: Do American Indians have access to and use of forest species, resources, and places important for cultural, subsidence or economic reasons, particularly those identified in treaties? MR-8: Are sites of religious and cultural heritage being adequately protected? M-10: What is the status of trust resources identified in treaties with American Indians?).

January 24, 2006

  1. RIEC and staff were asked to provide input to John Laurence by February 14, 2006 on the draft Adaptive Management Framework concept paper.
  2. The RIEC was asked to review the priority questions package, in preparation for the March RIEC meeting (yet to be scheduled), to:
    • Recommend which priority questions would become the "short" list of regional priority questions to guide future adaptive management & monitoring activities.
    • Determine which monitoring topics (Table 1) to invest in and the general option to pursue from their agency perspective. Staff would then complete additional work to identify potential monitoring protocols, costs and options and bring that back to RIEC for final decisions. Agencies should be prepared to discuss the level of funding support they can provide for future effectiveness monitoring efforts (FY07 and beyond).
    • Suggest where additional research (Table 3) is needed to fully answer priority research questions.
  3. Schedule a meeting in March 2006 for RIEC to make decisions regarding regional priority questions and options for answering these questions.
  4. Schedule two meetings to provide an opportunity for Senior Managers Group (SMG) and key agency staff (not represented by SMG) to meet with the task group members to answer questions and clarify the monitoring staff work. RIEC would like the SMG to meet and discuss potential options, rationale and pros/cons of those options, and availability of funding by agency. RIEC members would like feedback from their SMG members and staff prior to making a decision on regional priority questions and options to answer those questions.
  5. Research executives will continue discussions about priority research questions and will look for opportunities to collaborate. They will suggest areas where the research agencies may be able to join efforts and collaborate in order to provide answers to key research questions important to Federal land managers.
  6. The task group will complete the work on the management experiment templates prior to the next RIEC meeting. They will provide a summary of all existing management experiments, issues and costs.
    • Closing Agreements: Positive responses regarding the field trip were received. The RIEC agreed to have another field trip in FY 06. It was suggested that the trip not be scheduled in August due to fire potential. May or June were suggested as more appropriate dates. It was further suggested that we look at potentially going to Washington State, perhaps the Okanogan/Wenatchee area which is fire-prone or select another subject. There may also be an opportunity to get the Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission, the Colville Tribe, and Washington IAC representatives involved.
    • Next IAC meeting is scheduled on November 30, 2005.

October 18, 2005

  • October 18, 2005 Notes
  • Topic: Adaptive Management and Monitoring Subcommittee Activity Report. The RIEC asked the task group to:
    1. Refine Regional Corporate Questions–This staff work will include refining priority questions wording, eliminating redundancies, determining potential options to answer the questions, and providing costs and uncertainties for the options. Staff will provide an update to the RIEC in December.
    2. Prepare to discuss with the IAC–Several facets of this work will be discussed at the upcoming November IAC meeting.
    3. Summarize Work on Existing Management Experiments–The RIEC asked for a summary of the work accomplished to date on extensive management experiments such as the BLM Density Management Studies, Five Rivers, Fort Lewis, Olympic Habitat Study, and the work in the Sierras. Staff should summarize existing work including findings, outcomes, effort expended and costs. The RIEC felt that they might be able to learn from the work that has already been completed. Staff will provide a summary of ongoing management experiments and a draft template for future management experiments in February or March.
    4. Develop a Proposal for Reporting Progress on Regional Objectives–A task group (Jon Martin, FSR6; Miles Brown, BLM; and Dave Busch, USGS) was identified to work with Tom Quigley’s proposal regarding annual progress reporting and regional objectives. Tom’s proposal suggests managers are to report their perception on progress in meeting regional objectives for every acre on a yearly basis at the watershed level. This information would be consolidated regionally and could be portrayed in a series of map products. The task group should prepare a proposal for RIEC review by December.

July 28, 2005

  • July 28, 2005 Notes
  • Topic: The RIEC agreed that the issue regarding Marbled Murrelet zones needed to be investigated further.

June 1, 2005

  • June 1, 2005 Notes
  • Topic: The RIEC agreed to create a RIEC-lead Adaptive Management/Monitoring subcommittee to develop a broad adaptive management framework.
  • Topic: The products from the RIEC Communications subcommittee were accepted with minor changes. Refinements to the Management Implications document were requested. Changes will be incorporated throughout the documents ensuring that the information and presentation are consistent.
  • Topic: The RIEC agreed to help develop the long-term corporate vision, and questions and priorities needed as part of the interagency regional monitoring project.

April 21, 2005

  • April 21, 2005 Notes
  • Topic: Restoration of forest ecosystems in high fire regimes subcommittee - Jack Blackwell (FS, R5) agreed to take the lead in developing a draft map of high fire regime NWFP landscapes and proposing draft goals and objectives and priorities for treatments by the June 1 RIEC meeting.
  • Topic: Communications subcommittee: Elaine Brong volunteered to lead the effort on behalf of the RIEC to develop draft key messages for RIEC review by the June 1 RIEC meeting.
  • Topic: Adaptive management subcommittee: Tom Quigley, with help from Jim Sedell, will take the lead in revisiting the Adaptive Management Area Issue. They will propose options for the RIEC that could include using existing AMAs as centers for testing and learning as well as considering options for including a broader landscape approach for institutionalizing the adaptive management concept. The draft proposal will be done by the June 1 RIEC meeting.
  • Topic: Meeting Logistics - the RIEC agreed to expand the June 1, 2005 to a full day.

April 1, 2005

  • No decisions

January 25, 2005

  • January 25, 2005 Notes
  • Topic: Focus on Critical Habitat (FWS) - The FWS [U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service] will publish a proposed rule in the Federal Register on revisions to critical habitat for the NSO by December 15, 2005. NOAA Fisheries held public hearings in January 2005 held in various locations in Washington, Oregon, Idaho and California to receive comments and feedback on the proposal. Comments on the proposal must be received by NOAA Fisheries no later than 5 p.m. Pacific Standard Time on February 14, 2005.
  • Topic: 10-Year Monitoring Report Update - Future RIEC meetings will provide updates for the executives regarding the status and trend reports and the synthesis document. The IAC have been invited to attend the NWFP April conference to hear the science findings. They are invited to attend a meeting the following day (April 21) with the RIEC to solicit their feedback and input.
  • Topic: Rechartering of the Intergovernmental Advisory Committee IAC) - Unanimous approval to recharter.

November 2, 2004

  • November 2, 2004 Notes
  • Topic: 10-Year Monitoring Report Update - Determine what topics from the synthesis warrant detailed discussion at the RIEC meetings in January and March 2005.
  • Topic: Northern Spotted Owl Consultation Workgroup Report - The SMG [Senior Managers Group] has requested information on vegetation management projects being proposed by field units and will discuss the potential implications of these projects with field units. The intent is to establish a broad strategic framework to assist field managers to focus on potential management implications geographically. The technical team is working with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to establish consistency regarding how Level 1 teams interpret the new information from the two scientific reports.

July 21, 2004

  • July 21, 2004 Notes
  • Topic: Update on BLM Resource Management Plan Revisions - There was general agreement to continue these discussions and incorporate periodic updates in the agendas.
  • Topic: Use of New Information in a Biological Opinion - It was agreed to have Dr. Steve Courtney, SEI, present preliminary conclusions, including their review of Northern Spotted Owl population status and trends, habitat use and trends, barred owls, genetics, West Nile virus, information gaps and uncertainties, and conservation strategies in August. The Regional Ecosystem Office will contact Dr. Courtney and make the necessary arrangements for the meeting.
  • Topic: Review of the IAC Field Trip - Additional discussions regarding how best to fund future activities of this type are needed. REO staff will proceed with planning for and implementing the field trip in 2005.

June 8, 2004

  • June 8, 2004 Notes
  • Topic: 10-Year Monitoring Report Update, next steps: An August 26, 2004 briefing has been scheduled for RIEC members regarding the preliminary monitoring report findings. The REO Executive Director will continue to work with the Interagency Monitoring Program and MPM to schedule additional briefings for the RIEC and IAC. Major findings will probably not be available until late fall of 2004. Forest Service, Region 6 is leading a process to develop a communication plan for the 10-year report that will deal with communication external to the scientific publication process and will also incorporate provisions for briefing agency headquarters offices. REO will work with the Monitoring Program to develop a future RIEC agenda item dealing with the monitoring of aquatic/riparian systems. Within two weeks, the Monitoring Program will report through the MPM on how issues associated with vegetation monitoring will affect 10-year report production and findings.
  • Topic: Future Research/Monitoring Reports - In discussing the release of the 04 Interpretative Reports, the RIEC members wanted to ensure that they were informed. RIEC would like to have periodic briefings on report findings and issues as the manuscripts are being developed and finalized. The Research Executives were requested to revise the proposed peer review and release process for the 04 Interpretive Reports to be published by PNW, and present the process in the form of a document that the RIEC and non-agency authors could agree to. The Research Executives will continue dialogue on the Data Quality Act and peer review procedures, and look for opportunities to share experts and develop joint sources for external peer reviews ideas and expertise. The Research agencies will share information with one another about their respective data management, scientific review and report release policies to ensure strong collaboration on products for the RIEC.

March 10, 2004

  • March 10, 2004 Notes
  • Topic: Expanding the RIEC membership to include the Forest Service, Pacific Southwest Forest and Range Experiment Station. The new Station Director, Jim Sedell and his alternate Garland Mason (Assistant Director) were unanimously approved.
  • Topic: Potential Improvement Activities - Adaptive Management Areas: The RIEC discussed the field survey information and acknowledged that AMAs were not fulfilling expectations under the NWFP for a variety of reasons, as outlined in the presentation. After reviewing available options, the RIEC decided to address key AMA issues through future planning efforts, including scheduled plan revisions for both BLM and FS, and site-specific plan amendments that could be undertaken for individual AMAs. This option provides for efficient use of limited resources during ongoing plan revisions. The RIEC also agreed that BLM and FS would move forward by focusing their resources on three AMAs (the Central Cascades, Little River, and Hayfork). This approach provides opportunities to adapt and apply lessons learned to other AMAs, and it is consistent with actions under the recent AFRC Settlement Agreement. RIEC members also expressed interest in considering other proposals which would be viable without additional BLM and FS resource commitments.
  • Topic: Potential Improvement Activities - Watershed Analysis: FS Region 5 agreed to prepare a draft memo for RIEC review and potential approval as a regional policy clarification. The draft would provide clarification and guidance on development and use of WA recommendations, particularly in regard to roles and responsibilities of line officers. The RIEC agreed that the draft would be subject to broad review by REO and other key agency staff, and that it would be reviewed in the context of the upcoming Record of Decision to clarify aquatic conservation strategy language. Depending on progress, this topic could be the subject of a RIEC conference call in mid-May. (Note: In the IAC meeting that afternoon, the RIEC agreed to provide an opportunity for IAC review prior to a final RIEC decision.)

January 22, 2004

  • January 22, 2004 Notes
  • Topic: Topics for the IAC agenda.
  • Topic: Agreement regarding the posting of a Federal Register notice about Survey and Manage FSEIS and the preferred alternative.

November 5, 2003

  • November 5, 2003 Notes
  • Topic: RIEC members accepted the draft updated Northwest Forest Plan display map and requested that the final map be presented at the next IAC meeting.

October 2, 2003

  • October 2, 2003 Notes
  • Topic: The new regional Memorandum of Understanding for the Northwest Forest Plan was signed by most executives at the meeting and all signatures were completed by October 6, 2003.
  • Topic: The RIEC agreed to focus the next Northwest Natural Resources Executive Forum on Recovery issues (such as planning and implementation issues, specific issues such as salmon, etc.).
  • Topic: The RIEC agreed to pursue evaluating several potential improvements to the Northwest Forest Plan implementation.

August 5, 2003

  • August 5, 2003 Notes
  • Topic: REO 2004 Budget - Approved; additional follow-up needed on GIS/IT issues and Monitoring budgets

April 1, 2003

March 11, 2003

  • March 11, 2003 Notes
  • Topic: Preview of April 1, 2003 IAC - The RIEC concurred with the draft IAC meeting agenda as discussed. The goal is to present the IAC with an overarching concept, sharing briefings and presentations, and look for advice on the overall direction for the MOU.
  • Topic: Northwest Natural Resources Forum - The initial forum should be small, without pre-briefs, encourage information exchange, include broad issues like and involve non-NWFP agencies and their research components (e.g. Bureau of Reclamation and the Bonneville Power Administration). Meeting could involve field trips. Possible outcomes from the first meeting could include a future meeting with the states, tribes and others. Operational details will have to be worked out. It was agreed the presenters should identify the participants for the forum.
  • Topic: AMA Interpretive Guidance Assignment - RIEC agreed to focus on the #3 option: Encourage PIECs to utilize the new delegation criteria to utilize a much broader interpretation of the AMA S&Gs to allow for more innovative activity in AMAs within their respective provinces and more community involvement and participation. Local Federal land administrators could use the criteria to propose explicitly less stringent S&Gs, and/or increased use of the Research Exemptions for research activities specifically designed to test assumptions and hypotheses of the current S&Gs. In addition, the RIEC agreed to monitor and re-evaluate this decision after the EISs are done; to re-examine this discussion in 12 months; further discussions within REO.
  • Topic: FY 03 Agency MOU for Budget Exceptions - Provide authorization for signature if you are able to participate and close this issue as of April 1, 2003.

February 12, 2003

  • February 12, 2003 Notes
  • Topic: Managing & Protecting Northwest Forest Plan Records - The RIEC unanimously agreed to delegate the authority to determine records ownership for REO's NWFP records to the REO Executive Director and to have the REO move forward on the other recommendations as outlined in the meeting's prework materials.
  • Topic: Future RIEC Meetings Schedule
    • Notwithstanding past practice, REO is not responsible for preparing agenda, prework materials, or notes for meetings of RIEC subunits (e.g., Core Group or subcommittees)
    • RIEC will revisit these issues and re-assess its meetings schedule prior to June 2003
    • The following schedule modifications would be made to the RIEC's 2003 meetings calendar:
      • March 11 - Change the meeting from a NWNRF to a regular RIEC business meeting (with subcommittee meetings if needed)
      • April 1 - Keep this date scheduled for a RIEC meeting followed by an IAC meeting
      • May 13 - Cancel this meeting date
      • June 3 - Keep this date scheduled as an NWNRF meeting

January 7, 2003

  • January 7, 2003 Notes
  • Topic: Executive Session on Future Organizational Support Structure & Operations
    • Near Term/REO Leadership Transitional Needs: The RIEC selected Near-Term Option 3 as laid out in the prework materials, which calls for appointing an interim Acting REO Director. The RIEC also expressed a preference for using a long-term detail to fill the position, which should be graded as a GS-15 with an opportunity for a temporary promotion and pay raise to the extent permissible. The interim position would likely start in late February or early March and continue through execution of the new MOU (scheduled for October 2003).
    • Mid- and long-term: The RIEC confirmed that the workgroup was heading in the correct direction and provided some feedback on the work products presented, as described above. The RIEC also decided to recommend that an ISC meeting be scheduled for May or June 2003.
  • Topic: Science Findings of Potential Significance to the NWFP - The RIEC directed the REO to work with the RMG and research agency executives on preparing a presentation of recent research findings for the agenda of the next IAC meeting.

December 4, 2002

  • December 4, 2002 Notes
  • Topic: Potential Future Staffing and Support Options
    • maintaining a co-located office while transitioning (at least until 10/19/03)
    • wanting the RIEC to be "highly substantive" as defined in the pre-work
    • envisioning that the RIEC would require a moderate level of staff support
  • Follow-up actions/decisions:
    • begin the development of the new MOU and determine if it can be signed locally
    • determine the purpose level and staff support needed for the IAC, subgroups, and other entities
    • determine if there is a more cost effective and efficient way to accomplish at least some of the tasks and service provided by the REO
    • explore options for meeting the near term when the Executive Director position is vacant
    • collect advice and comments from the IAC on their preferences.

October 8, 2002

  • October 8, 2002 Notes
  • The executives have agreed to keep each other abreast of the latest information concerning potential improvements to the NWFP.
  • The RIEC voiced support for the proposed communication and operational enhancements and indicated that they appreciated the increased and more frequent flow of information to IAC members facilitated by the liaison. The RIEC encouraged the REO to continue to pursue the proposed enhancements, but with a reminder that the future role of IAC will depend largely upon the future role and structure of the RIEC and REO. As a result, discussions as to future IAC operations should be conducted in the broader context of potential changes to the organizational structure supporting the NWFP. With respect to the September RIEC/IAC meeting, one REIC member shared that subsequent conversations with IAC members indicated that the IAC members felt that they had been heard. Several RIEC members noted the importance of continued opportunities for candid discussion with the IAC. The REO should continue to proceed with implementing the proposed reforms and enhancements described above, but commitments as to their complete and/or more permanent adoption should not be made until the completion of the ongoing deliberations concerning the future of the broader NWFP supporting organizational structure.

September 10, 2002

  • September 10, 2002 Notes
  • Topic: Proposal to Delegate Certain S&M-related Review Responsibilities to the IMG - The RIEC unanimously concurred with the proposal presented to delegate the authority and responsibility to conduct all necessary reviews of the S&M-related actions or products set forth above to the IMG, working in conjunction with the REO's S&M Liaison.
  • Topic: Potential Future Options for NWFP Supporting Organizational Structure - The RIEC concluded that REO should prepare and include in the prework materials for the October 2002 RIEC meeting a document that sets forth the fundamental categories of options for the future roles of RIEC and REO and, for each, and in very broad terms, describes pros and cons, the process to effectuate, and, relative costs of effectuation.
  • Topic: Proposed REO FY'03 Budget - The RIEC provided unanimous concurrence with the proposal to support a waiver from interagency surcharges for all member agencies and, consequently, directed the REO to prepare a RIEC MOU for executives' signatures. The RIEC also generally lent its support to the proposal for REO to have a "flat-line" budget for FY03, at least at this juncture, meaning that each agency will contribute the same allocation as that provided for FY02.

August 30, 2002

June 21, 2002

  • June 21, 2002 Notes
  • Topic: Options for Northwest Forest Plan Supporting Organizational Structure
    • The RIEC approved the Draft Concept Paper on the NWFP's supporting organizational structure subject to one change, but decided to take no further action on the matter at this time;
    • The RIEC agreed on responses to several major items of non-Federal IAC input on the future roles, logistics, and operations of the committee received during the May 2002 IAC meeting;
    • The RIEC decided to move forward with plans to implement its pending proposal to reduce to three the number of full IAC meetings a year, subject to the provisos set forth above; and
    • The RIEC postponed the next RIEC/IAC meeting from August 1 to September 10, 2002.
  • Topic: Managing Transition to New RIEC Co-Chairs
    • The REO should schedule and make preparations for a RIEC meeting to be held sometime in mid-to-late August that focuses primarily on NWFP orientation and RIEC transition issues.
    • The new BLM OR/WA State Director, Elaine Marquis-Brong, will take over the duties of RIEC and IAC Chair from Elaine Zielinski upon her departure through the end of her current term, which runs through the end of the Fiscal Year. The committee opted to allow for more discussion about how the Chair will be assigned in future years, but noted the present practice would provide for the Chair to shift back over to the Region 6 Regional Forester for FY03.
  • Topic: Putting Adaptive Management Into Practice - Proposed Process for RIEC Consideration and Utilization of New Science Information from Multiple Sources
    • The RIEC concurred with the new science information process and revised narrative description as presented.
    • The RIEC agreed that the Research Agency Executives should take the lead in bringing new science findings from research activities to the RIEC;
    • The RIEC agreed that the Interagency Monitoring Program Manager should take the lead and work with the AMA Regional Coordinator to identify new information from the AMA network and Monitoring Program activities for potential presentation to the RIEC.
  • Topic: Monitoring Matters: Tribal Monitoring in 2002/Approval of Northern Spotted Owl (NSO) Review Team Charter - With respect to Tribal Monitoring, the RIEC delegated responsibility for implementation decisions through the end of 2002 to the MPM. With respect to Northern Spotted Owl monitoring, RIEC approved the NSO monitoring review team charter presented.

May 2, 2002

  • May 2, 2002 Notes
  • Topic: Putting Adaptive Management Into Practice - Proposed Process for RIEC's Consideration and Utilization of New Information from Multiple Sources -
  • The RIEC decided to take Elaine up on her offer to have BLM staff produce another, simpler iteration of a proposed process for the RIEC's consideration and utilization of new information, to be presented for concurrence at the next RIEC meeting.
  • Topic: Concrete Proposal for RIEC Meetings Schedule Framework - The RIEC tentatively concurred with the meetings schedule framework as set forth above subject to the important caveat that it would reserve making a final decision on the schedule and frequency of future IAC meetings until after the May 2002 IAC meeting.

April 2, 2002

  • April 2, 2002 Notes
  • Topic: Putting Adaptive Management into Practice - Proposed Process for the RIEC's Consideration and Utilization of New Information from Multiple Sources
    • The RIEC agreed that REO/RMG staff should make minor modifications to the flowchart depicting the process for the RIEC's consideration and utilization of new information.
    • The RIEC agreed that The process appears to be suitable for dealing with multiple sources of information.
    • The RIEC agreed that Information emanating from research agencies should normally be compiled and evaluated by such agencies prior to evaluation by other agency staff.
    • The RIEC agreed that The delivery of new information to the RIEC should not be constrained to this process.
    • The RIEC agreed that All RIEC members should feel free to continue to bring forward pertinent information in their capacity as members of the executive committee.
  • Topic: Updated NWFP Land Allocation Map and Adjustments Process - The RIEC concurred with the conceptual foundational premise for the project proffered by the work group as presented at the meeting and in the prework materials.
  • Topic: Proposal to Delegate RIEC Survey and Manage Review Responsibilities to REO - The RIEC concurred, with one minor adjustment, with the proposal to expressly delegate responsibility to the REO for review of the S&M-related items and products specified above, through formation of a working group to prepare recommended review findings, support and oversight of the reviews, and issuance of final review findings.

March 5, 2002

  • March 5, 2002 Notes
  • Topic: Putting Adaptive Management into Practice - The draft letter expressing RIEC support for the Blue River Landscape Management Plan should be finalized and distributed, and include the addition of NMFS and USGS/BRD signatures. Modifications to the proposed process for the RIEC's consideration and utilization of new science findings should be made and a revised process presented for consideration at the April 2002 RIEC meeting. The REO/RMG should continue with developing a proposed framework for cataloging, synthesizing, and presenting new information from multiple sources in light of the input received from RIEC members at the meeting, and present a concrete proposal or options at a future meeting.
  • Topic: Survey and Manage Implementation Matters - The RIEC delegated review of the initial Strategic Survey Implementation Guide to its S&M Subcommittee (FS, BLM, FWS, and PNW) with recommended review findings to be developed by the IMG (Intermediate Managers Group). USGS-BRD was invited to be on the subcommittee.

February 7, 2002

  • No decisions; notes combined with January 22, 2002 below

January 22, 2002

  • January 22, 2002 Notes
  • Topic: Science Findings of Potential Significance to NWFP - Round 2 - The pilot effort at the Landscape Level (Augusta Creek, Blue River Study) should proceed and this work should be promoted at the current locations.
  • Topic: Adaptive Management and Process for Considering New Information - The RIEC agreed that the two dimensions of the topic identified above are both appropriate areas for attention. In particular, the Research and Monitoring Group (RMG) was asked to coordinate an examination of alternatives for describing the principal sources and types of new information, and how best to bring it to the attention of relevant agencies.
  • Topic: FERC/ACS Long-term Questions and Answers - The RIEC concurred with the proposal to provide 30 days to review the interagency work group's final draft document and agreed to distribute it to staff for purposes of this review.
  • Topic: CY2001 REO/RMG Annual Accomplishments Report - The RIEC asked the REO to continue the tradition of taking the lead in preparing an annual interagency notebook highlighting the background, progress made during the year, and current status of key elements of the NWFP for 2001.
  • Topic: Monitoring Issues for Possible IAC Consideration and/or Input - The RIEC agreed that the IAC should be utilized as a sounding board and avenue for information exchange about aquatic-riparian monitoring collaboration, but should generally not be considered as the policy-level group to coordinate such efforts. The RIEC also directed that the 5-year IM strategy be presented to the IAC for consideration and feedback at the May 2002 IAC meeting following a review by the Monitoring Program Managers and a briefing presented to the RIEC.

December 4, 2001

  • Topic: Monitoring Program Implementation - Although details regarding support for some monitoring modules need to be resolved, the RIEC concurred with the budget and priorities presented.

November 1, 2001

  • Topic: Fiscal Year 2002 REO/RMG Work Plan - Concurred with the FY2002 Work Plan with proposed edits.
  • Topic: Northwest Forest Plan Briefing Powerpoint Presentation - The presentation was approved with minor changes.

October 2, 2001

  • Topic: REO/RMG Fiscal Year 2002 Work Plan - The RIEC concurred with the REO's recommendation that agencies submit feedback on the preliminary draft work plan to the REO by October 16, 2001. The REO will then make any necessary changes in response to the feedback and seek to circulate a revised, final draft of the plan within a week of having received input from all commenting agencies.
  • Topic: Northwest Forest Plan Power-point Briefing Presentation - The RIEC concurred with REO's recommended next steps for completion of the presentation.
  • Topic: Potential Management Adaptations in Survey and Manage Program (S&M) - The RIEC decided that the proposed changes arising from the 2001 ASRP should be submitted directly to a RIEC subcommittee (comprising executives from the Forest Service, BLM, FWS, and PNW) for review and consideration, without the need for the REO to conduct a preliminary review for the purpose of developing recommended review findings.

September 5, 2001

  • Topic: Progress Report on Fiscal Year 2002 Regional Ecosystem Office Budget
    • The RIEC instructed that the REO contact the ISMS Team and instruct them not to sign any lease for office space outside the REO until they consider the vacant REO offices. Given the need to reduce overall agency expenses, the ISMS Team should be able to occupy the vacant offices and REO Conference Room, if necessary. It also makes better use of and integrates the current REO and ISMS GIS systems. The RIEC further instructed the REO GIS section to coordinate with the Forest Service and BLM Information Resource offices to seek systems support efficiencies which may lead to reduced costs or the elimination of one of the REO contractors.
    • The RIEC requested that the REO return at the October RIEC meeting at which time an update on the development or a final REO budget can be discussed.
  • Topic: Options for Implementing FY02 Monitoring Program - The RIEC agreed that agencies should evaluate their commitments with a view of trying to more fully support the monitoring program.
  • Topic: Thinning Findings Adaptive-Management Options Development - The RIEC delegated authority to the "Thinnings" RIEC (TRIEC) subcommittee to oversee final TMOD tasks and to coordinate implementation hand off to FS and BLM.

August 2, 2001

  • Topic: Fiscal Year (FY) 2002 Regional Ecosystem Office (REO) Budget - RIEC directed the REO to develop and present to the committee a series of options for the FY 2002 REO budget that focus on different outcomes with respect to core REO functions.
  • Topic: The Oregon Agreement Proposal - In response to inquiries about attending the September 5 briefing from several non-federal IAC members during the IAC members conference call later in the day, the RIEC asked Steve Odell to coordinate with Louise Solliday on extending invitations to interested parties not on the RIEC, including Rocky McVay of the Association of O&C Counties, George Smith of the Intertribal Timber Council, and officials from the Bureau of Reclamation and Bonneville Power Administration.
  • Topic: RIEC/REO Coordination/Review of Gifford Pinchot Forest Plan Amendment effecting site-specific modification of Northwest Forest Plan (NFP) Standards & Guidelines (S&Gs) - The RIEC offered unanimous concurrence with the REO’s recommended findings that the proposed modification to the NFP S&G under review is consistent with the objectives of the NFP S&Gs, as documented in REO’s August 1 memorandum. The REO was directed to prepare a letter of transmittal for RIEC Chair Harv Forsgren notifying the GPNF of the RIEC’s concurrence.
  • Topic: RIEC/REO coordinated review of a modification to a Northwest Forest Plan (NFP) Land Allocation on the Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest (MBSNF) - The REO was asked to circulate its final set of written recommended findings to RIEC members upon completion and provide 2 weeks or so for review and proposed concurrence.

June 20, 2001

  • Topic: Follow-up Assignments from May 31 Executives Off-Site Meeting
    • The RIEC decided that a subgroup of executives from the FS, BLM, FWS, and NMFS will meet to further discuss legal and administrative/management options in response to the Ninth Circuit Court’s ruling.
    • The RIEC agreed to meet offsite to further discuss options to re-examine or revise specific elements of the NFP.
  • Topic: RIEC/REO Coordination/Review of Gifford Pinchot Plan Amendment that would effect site-specific modification of Northwest Forest Plan Standards & Guidelines - The RIEC directed REO to finalize the review process and provide them an opportunity to review the draft recommendations.
  • Topic: Thinning Findings Adaptive-Management Options Development - The RIEC agreed to review the information presented and discuss this topic further at the proposed July offsite RIEC meeting. Executives may provide input on this topic prior to the offsite meeting.

May 31, 2001

  • Topic: Thinning Dense, Young Stands: Charter of Management Options Development Group - The RIEC accepted the TMOD charter, subject to the changes and modifications as discussed. The RIEC concurred with the staff assignments of the TMOD work group and the proposed work schedule.
  • Topic: Land Allocation Map Modifications and Guidance: Time Table & Plan of Work - The RIEC concurred with the recommendation and directed the REO to develop the guidance and present it to the RIEC for approval at the August RIEC meeting.
  • Topic: Survey and Manage (S&M) Program Implementation - The RIEC requested that the roles of all Annual Species Review participants be clearly defined in writing and that a complete administrative record be prepared for the Annual Species Review (ASR).
  • Topic: Interagency Northwest Forest Plan (NFP) Briefing Materials - The RIEC directed the REO to complete the draft Briefing Document and provide them an opportunity to review the final document prior to distributing it to the IAC.

April 3, 2001

  • Topic: Interagency Northwest Forest Plan (NFP) Transition Briefing - The RIEC approved the four critical issues and added Survey and Manage as a fifth critical issue to be highlighted in transition briefings. RIEC directed the REO to complete the draft Transition Briefing Document and provide them an opportunity to review a final draft.
  • Topic: FERC/ASC Short-Term Questions - The RIEC agreed to accept this document as a partial response to its March 2000, and agreed to provide responses, as appropriate, on the long-term questions by April 17.
  • Topic: Identification of Potential IAC Advice Topics for Remainder of 2001\ - The RIEC agreed that the May IAC topic will be the "Future Direction of Adaptive Management Areas" topic. For the August IAC meeting the topic would be the "Five-year Implementation Monitoring Program Strategy" and no decision was made for the November topic since it would depend on future developments or rulings.
  • Topic: Alternative Management Strategies for Conserving Rare and Little-Known Species - The RIEC agreed that further development of alternative management strategies for rare and little known species was warranted. The REO was asked to continue working with PNW to develop the process highlighting this topic. The RIEC agreed that the S&M Species RIEC Subgroup (Executives from FS, BLM, PNW, and FWS) will serve as a sounding board for the development of options.

March 6, 2001

  • Topic: Follow-up Activity on Findings re: thinning dense, younger stands for LSOG habitat - The RIEC concurred with the REO recommendation that development of a set of adaptive-management options is appropriate. A REO/RMG facilitated interagency workgroup will be established to assemble and evaluate the current situation., and alternatives for incorporation of the research findings into management action. The May RIEC meeting was identified as a desirable schedule for the REO to report recommendations to the RIEC.
  • Topic: Aquatic/Riparian Effectiveness Monitoring Plan (AREMP) - Completion of Initial Development Phase - The RIEC unanimously concurred with the development-phase version of AREMP presented at the meeting and with transition to the implementation phase of AREMP.
  • Topic: Regional Interagency Executive Committee (RIEC)/Regional Ecosystem Office (REO) Review of Modifications to Northwest Forest Plan (NFP) Standards & Guidelines (S&Gs) or Land-Use Allocations (LUAs) - The RIEC concurred with the proposed time table set forth above but emphasized that the process should be developed as quickly as possible. The RIEC also agreed to form a subcommittee that can provide further direction to the REO work group as necessary or advisable during development of the review process. The subcommittee is composed of Harv Forsgren (FS), Elaine Zielinski (BLM), and Mike Crouse (NMFS).
  • Topic: Interagency Northwest Forest Plan (NFP) Transition Briefing - The RIEC expressed preliminary approval of the general format laid out in the draft Table of Contents in the ATO and also agreed to review the ATO Addendum for Chapters IV and V and to provide any additional critical issues or ongoing Initiatives that should be highlighted in the briefing document to the REO by March 16, 2001.

February 1, 2001

  • Topic: Final version of REO/RMG CY 2001 Work Plan - The RIEC unanimously concurred with the final version of the REO/RMG Work Plan as provided in the meeting's pre-work materials and discussed at the meeting.