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The goal of the regional monitoring program is to evaluate the effectiveness of the Northwest Forest Plan in achieving its management objectives on federal lands in the planning area. Monitoring focuses on important regional scale questions about older forests, populations and habitat of northern spotted owls and marbled murrelets, watershed health, federal agency relationships with Indian tribes, and socioeconomic conditions in communities closely tied to federal lands.

Latest Reports

20-year Monitoring Reports (1994-2013): Status and Trends
Late-successional and old-growth forests [Full report | 2-page summary]
Northern spotted owl habitats [Full report | 2-page summary]
Northern spotted owl populations [Full report | 2-page summary]
Marbled murrelet population and habitat trends [Full report | 2-page summary]
Watershed conditions [Full report | 2-page summary]
Socio-economic conditions [Full report | 2-page summary]
Tribal-Federal relationship [Full report | 2-page summary]

For older reports, see the monitoring module pages (links to the right), the reports archive, or the general documents archive.

Latest Data

20-year reports data Metadata Format
Late-successional and old-growth forests Old-growth Structure Index
Old-growth Structure Index 80
Old-growth Structure Index 200
Northern spotted owl (Glenn et al. 2017) Territorial Northern Spotted Owl Habitat Map (2012)
Northern Spotted Owl Relative Habitat Suitability Map (2012)
Northern spotted owl (20-year report) Northern Spotted Owl Dispersal Capable Landscapes (2012)
Northern Spotted Owl Nesting/Roosting Cover Type Suitability (2012)
Northern Spotted Owl Nesting/Roosting Cover Type Patterns (2012)
Marbled Murrelet 2012 habitat suitability map (grid)
Marbled Murrelet Analysis Areas (shapefile)
Watershed conditions html ArcGIS 10.3 geodatabase [19 MB]
Socio-economic conditions   Nwfp20yrMonitoringDataSocioeconomic.zip (Excel files)

For older datasets, see the monitoring module pages (links to the right) or the general maps library.

Public Meetings

20-Year Monitoring Report Public Forum (2015)  
10-Year Monitoring Report Public Forum (2005)