2020 Reviews

Date Agency/Office Document Name
2/24/2020 FS FS Calf-Copeland Project, Umpqua National Forest

2019 Reviews

Date Agency/Office Document Name
9/13/2019 FS Akerwoods Fuels Reduction Project, Six Rivers National Forest
9/9/2019 FS Taneum Restoration Project, Okanogan Wenatchee National Forest
9/9/2019 FS Little Crow Project, Okanogan Wenatchee National Forest

2018 Reviews

Date Agency/Office Document Name
6/22/2018 FS Swauk Pine Restoration Project, Okanogan Wenatchee National Forest

2017 Reviews

Date Agency/Office Document Name
6/29/17 FS Elk Creek Restoration Project, Umpqua National Forest
6/1/17 FS Waterman Ridge Risk Reduction Project, Six Rivers National Forest

2016 Reviews

Date Agency/Office Document Name
5/11/16 BLM Stouts Creek Salvage, South River Field Office, Roseburg BLM
4/13/16 BLM Upper Cow LSR Project, Grants Pass Field Office, Medford BLM
4/6/16 FS Kimball Thin, Gold Beach RD, Rogue-Siskiyou NF
3/23/16 FS Elk LSR Enhancement Project, Shasta-Trinity NF
3/21/16 FS Dobbyn Creek Sudden Oak Death Treatment – Amendment, Six Rivers NF
2/1/16 FS Lemon Butte, North Umpqua RD, Umpqua NF

2015 Reviews

Date Agency/Office Document Name
7/28/15 FS Westside Fire Recovery Project, Klamath NF
7/6/15 FS Dobbyn Creek Sudden Oak Death Treatment, Six Rivers NF

2014 Reviews

Date Agency/Office Document Name
9/9/14 BLM Half-n-Half Thin, Roseburg District BLM
5/6/14 FS Lower Steamboat Thin, North Umpqua RD, Umpqua NF

2013 Reviews

Date Agency/Office Document Name
11/14/13 FS Butte Mountain Habitat Restoration, Goosenest RD, Klamath NF
09/26/13 FS Harris Vegetation Management, Shasta-Trinity NF
07/09/13 BLM Commercial Thin, Cascade Resource Area, Salem BLM
06/14/13 BLM Pre-commercial Thin, Cascade Resource Area, Salem BLM

2012 Reviews

Date Agency/Office Document Name
07/10/12 FS Mendocino National Forest LSR Assessment - Amendment
05/15/12 FS Jazz and Grove Thin Projects, Clackamas River Ranger District, Mt. Hood National Forest

2011 Reviews

Date Agency/Office Document Name
09/20/11 FS Popper Vegetation Management Project, Sisters Ranger District, Deschutes National Forest
09/20/11 FS Pettijohn Fuels Reduction Project, Shasta-Trinity National Forest
07/18/11 FS Oak Flats Restoration Project, Diamond Lake Ranger District, Umpqua National Forest

2010 Reviews

Date Agency/Office Document Name
06/29/10 FS Black Rock Aspen Restoration Project, Goosenest Ranger District, Klamath National Forest
01/25/10 FS Eddy Gulch Fuels/Habitat Protection Project, Klamath NF

2009 Reviews

Date Agency/Office Document Name
10/18/09 FS Forest-Wide LSRA – Correction, Shasta-Trinity NF
10/02/09 FS Gemmill Thin Project, Shasta-Trinity NF
09/08/09 FS Fish Creek Forebay Chinquapin Restoration Project, Diamond Lake RD, Umpqua NF

2008 Reviews

Date Agency/Office Document Name
08/18/08 BLM Double Prentice 100-acre LSR Assessment, Medford BLM
08/05/08 FS Upper Clackamas Thin and Rethin, Clackamas River RD, Mt. Hood NF
06/24/08 FS Win Thin Stand 15B Silvicultural Treatment, Wind River RD, Gifford Pinchot NF
06/24/08 FS Cascade Crest Fuels Break, Clackamas River RD, Mt. Hood NF

2007 Reviews

Date Agency/Office Document Name
05/11/07 FS Five Buttes, Crescent RD, Deschutes NF
05/11/07 FS Tugboat Thinning Project, Umpqua NF
05/10/07 FS Davis LSRA, Crescent RD, Deschutes NF (replaces 1996 LSRA)
02/01/07 FS Plantation Thinning Project, Mt. Hood NF
01/24/07 FS Hehe LSR Thin Project, Willamette NF

2006 Reviews

Date Agency/Office Document Name
12/08/06 BLM Middle Cow Hazardous Fuel Reduction Project
12/08/06 FS Black Crater Fire Timber Salvage Project, Deschutes NF
11/13/06 FS CLARIFICATION, Northern Coast Range AMA and Oregon Coast Province Southern Portion LSR, Siuslaw NF
11/13/06 FS Camp Latgawa Fuels Treatment Project, Dead Indian LSR (RO-227), Rogue River-Siskiyou NF
03/08/06 FS INCOMING - Review request for Mountain Thin Decision & Fuels Management Project (to FS for action)

2005 Reviews

Date Agency/Office Document Name
06/10/05 FS B&B Fire Recovery Project, Deschutes NF
09/05 FS INCOMING - PENDING - Williams-Deer LSR Amendment for an Adjacent Known Spotted Owl Activity Center, Grants Pass RA (paper only)
03/09/05 FS Fischer Fire Economic Recovery Project - Eagle Managed LSR, Wenatchee NF

2004 Reviews

Date Agency/Office Document Name
09/29/04 BLM Brummit Creek Density Mgmt Project, Coos Bay District
09/27/04 BLM Klamath Falls Resource Area LSRA
08/20/04 FS “Lake of the Woods” LSR 227 Land Allocation Change, Winema NF
08/10/04 FS Coil Fiber Timber Sale Contract, Deschutes NF
06/25/04 FS Eyerly Fire Salvage Project, Deschutes NF
06/03/04 FS-R6 Davis Fire Recovery Project, Deschutes NF
05/19/04 BLM/FS-R6 S. Umpqua/Galesville LSRA & S. Coast-Northern Klamath LSRA, Roseburg / Medford District BLM & Umpqua NF Proposed amendment
04/15/04 FS-R6 Biscuit Fire Recovery Project EIS, Rogue River - Siskiyou NF
04/8/04 BLM BLM Medford District-Grants Pass Resource Area LSRA
03/25/04 BLM Klamath Falls Resource Area LSRA Review
03/19/04 FS-R6 Mt. Ashland LSRA Amendment Final Review, Rogue River-Siskiyou NF
01/12/04 BLM Timbered Rock Fire Salvage & Elk Creek LSR Restoration – Butte Resource Area Final Review

2003 Reviews

Date Agency/Office Document Name
10/29/03 BLM Molalla Meadows Restoration Project, N. Willamette LSRA, Cascades RA
08/06/03 FS Agnes Vegetative Fuels Reduction Proposed Project in the Fishhook/Galice LSR, Siskiyou NF
07/22/03 FS Jefferson LSR Blow Down, hazard reduction review, Detroit RD, Willamette NF
06/13/03 FS Gotchen LSR Review, Gifford Pinchot NF
05/13/03 BLM Timbered Rock Fire Salvage & Elk Creek LSRA Clarification, Butte RA

2002 Reviews

Date Agency/Office Document Name
12/13/02 FS Davis LSR Modifications, Deschutes NF
09/26/02 FS-R6/BLM Glade and Yale Creek Watersheds, Applegate RD, Rogue River-Siskiyou NF, Ashland RA
09/25/02 FS-R6 Why-Chus LSRA, Deschutes NF

2001 Reviews

Date Agency/Office Document Name
09/28/01 FS Chemult Ranger District LSRs RO232 and RO 233, Winema NF
09/17/01 FS-R6 Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie NF LSRA
09/13/01 FS Huckleberry Creek Land Exchange, Mt. Baker Snoqualmie
07/13/01 FS-R5/6 Siskiyou/6 Rivers LSRA , Smith Creek Recreation Area
06/07/01 FS White Pass, Gifford Pinchot NF
03/21/01 FS-R5 Clear Creek LSRA, Shasta-Trinity NF

2000 Reviews

Date Agency/Office Document Name
07/19/00 FS-R6 Cache Lake LSRA, Deschutes NF
06/29/00 BLM S. Fork Eel River LSRA (paper only)
05/09/00 FS-R5 Mendocino NF LSRA
04/21/00 BLM Upper & Middle Smith River II Restoration and Rehabilitation Plan LSR RO267, Roseburg District
04/21/00 BLM Jenny Creek LSRA, Medford District
03/03/00 FS/R-5 Six Rivers NF LSRA

1999 Reviews

Date Agency/Office Document Name
12/03/99 FS Big Marsh LSR, Deschutes NF
09/01/99 FS Gotchen LSRA, Gifford Pinchot NF
08/26/99 FS/R-5 Shasta-Trinity LSRA, California
08/04/99 BLM Great Gray Owl Buffer Mgmt. - LSRA, Lakeview/Klamath Falls
07/27/99 BLM N. Klamath LSRA, Guyline & Tailhold Trees, S. Coast
07/02/99 FS/BLM S. Umpqua River/Galesville LSRA
04/12/99 FS Shady Pass LSR, Wenatchee NF
01/07/99 FS/R-5 Klamath NF LSRA

1998 Reviews

Date Agency/Office Document Name
12/04/98 FS Galesville/Umpqua LSRA, Medford/Roseburg District; Umpqua NF
11/04/98 BLM Arcata Field office LSRA, California
10/07/98 FS Browns/Round Mountain, Deschutes NF
09/25/98 FS Blue River / McKenzie LSR, Willamette NF
09/17/98 FS Wild Cat Commercial, Umpqua NF
08/24/98 FS Mid-Willamette LSR, Willamette NF
07/24/98 FS/BLM North Willamette LSR, Mt. Hood NF, Willamette NF, Salem District
07/21/98 FS/R-5 Medicine Lake Highlands MLSA, Shasta-Trinity NF
07/15/98 FS Soleduck LSRA, Olympic NF
07/15/98 FS/R-5 Clear Creek LSRA, Shasta-Trinity NF
05/20/98 FS/BLM S. Coast - N. Klamath, Coos Bay, Roseburg, Medford Districts; Suislaw NF
04/07/98 FS NE Cascades LSRA, Okanogan; Wenatchee; Mt Hood NFs
02/24/98 FS Douglas Cabin, Mt. Hood NF
02/12/98 FS Cultus Sheridan Assessment, Deschutes NF
02/10/98 FS/BLM S. Cascades LSRA (Medford; Roseburg; Eugene Districts; Umpqua; Rogue River NFs)

1997 Reviews

Date Agency/Office Document Name
12/17/97 FS/BLM N. Coast Range Adaptive Mgmt Area, Siuslaw NF, Salem District
11/18/97 FS Gifford Pinchot NF Forestwide
10/16/97 FS Drift Home Project, Siuslaw NF
10/08/97 FS Wenatchee NF - Forestwide
09/24/97 FS/R5 Approval of Boundary Changes, Six Rivers NF
09/18/97 FS/R5 Crabtree - Maryanne Salvage, Mendocino NF
09/05/97 FS OR Eastern Cascades Physiographic Province, Winema NF
08/21/97 BLM Wild Cat Thin, Medford District
08/14/97 FS Fall Creek, Willamette NF
08/14/97 FS Sunset Mt Baker - Snoqualmie NF
07/23/97 FS Surveyors Ridge, Mt. Hood NF
07/15/97 FS Schooner Sails Project, Siuslaw NF
07/15/97 FS/R5 Smith River - NRA, Six Rivers NF
07/07/97 FS SAAT Project - Siuslaw NF
06/06/97 FS ID Thin, Siuslaw NF
06/06/97 BLM OR Coast Assessment #267 & 268, Salem District
05/29/97 FS Cold Springs/Switchback Projects, Wenatchee NF
05/28/97 FS/R5 High Valley Salvage #4040 & 4041, Mendocino NF
01/30/97 FS Quinault LSR, Olympic NF
01/27/97 FS Cultus/Sheridan, Deschutes NF

1996 Reviews

Date Agency/Office Document Name
12/20/96 FS Hood Canal North LSR, Olympic NF
12/20/96 FS/R5 Chalk Mountain LSR, Shasta Trinity NF
12/09/96 FS Chiwawa LSR, Mad Hornet Salvage Sales, Wenatchee NF
11/26/96 FS Big Elk Project LSR #R0268, Siuslaw NF
11/20/96 FS Northcoast LSR, Powers RD S, Siskiyou NF
11/13/96 FS/R5 Smith River LSR, Six Rivers NF
11/13/96 FS/R5 Goosenest LSR, Klamath NF
10/11/96 FS/R5 Chalk Mountain LSR, Bird Windthrow Salvage, Lassen NF
09/30/96 FS/R5 Coyote Rock Fuels Mgmg Projects LSR # RC-310, Mendocino NF
09/30/96 FS/R5/6 Rogue River/Klamath NF, Mt. Ashland LSR
09/26/96 FS Roll Salvage Project Rock Creek Drainage LSR #R0227, Winema NF
09/26/96 FS Independence LSR – Canyon Salvage Proposal, Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie
09/17/96 FS/R5 Six Rivers & Shasta Trinity NF Projects, LSR #RC-305
09/16/96 FS Wenatchee NF LSR
09/13/96 FS/R5 Eddy Gulch LSR, Klamath NF
09/12/96 FS/R5 Shotgun Managed LSR, Modoc NF
09/09/96 FS/ R5 Seiad LSR-Eastfork Blowdown Salvage Sale, Klamath NF
08/22/96 FS 3-Mile/7-Mile Commercial thin, Winema-Klamath NFs
08/22/96 FS/ R5 Iron Canyon Watershed, Shasta Trinity NF
08/22/96 FS Hood Canal S. & Quilcene LSRA-Correction, Olympic NF
08/19/96 FS/R5 Dillon LSR, Klamath NF
08/15/96 BLM Brush Creek/Thistleburn Density Mgmt, Roseburg District
08/14/96 FS Woods LSR Habitat Restoration, Gifford Pinchot NF (paper only)
08/09/96 FS Taylor/Carter Meadows LSRA, Klamath NF
08/09/96 FS Milky Way, Mt. Baker Snoqualmie NF
08/09/96 FS/R5 Taylor/Carter Meadows LSR, Klamath NF
08/08/96 FS Davis LSR and Metolius LSR, Deschutes NF
08/05/96 FS/R5 Seiad LSR – 77 Blowdown Salvage Sale, Klamath NF
07/30/96 FS Burnt Ridge/Minerva Commercial Thin, Siuslaw NF
07/09/96 FS Hood Canal South LSR, Olympic NF
07/09/96 FS/R5 Deer Creek LSR, Shasta-Trinity NF
07/1/96 FS White River LSRA, Mt. Hood NF
06/19/96 FS Potatoe Hill Underburn, Willamette NF
05/31/96 BLM/FS S. Umpqua/Galesville LSR, Medford/Roseburg Districts, Tiller RD (paper only)
05/29/96 FS Boundary Butte LSR, Wenatchee NF
05/10/96 FS Chiwawa LSR – Tyee Ridge Fire Salvage, Wenatchee NF
04/24/96 FS Northwest Coast LSR – Nickel Blowdown Salvage, Siskiyou NF
04/10/96 FS Quilcene RW106 LSRA, Olympic NF (paper only)
03/26/96 FS Big Blue Project, Siuslaw NF
03/08/96 FS/R5 Little North Fork Crapo LSR, Klamath NF
02/23/96 FS/R5 Bogus & Juanita Lake, Klamath NF
01/19/96 BLM SW Oregon LSR, Medford District

1995 Reviews

Date Agency/Office Document Name
1995 FS Eastern Washington Cascades & Yakima Province (paper only)
1995 FS Deschutes NF, 11 Reserves (paper only)
12/04/95 FS/R5 Spanky Dee, Shasta Trinity NF
12/01/95 FS Mickey Fin Salvage Sale, Olympic NF
11/14/95 BLM Phoenix Density Mgmt. Proj., Nestucca LSR, Salem District
11/14/95 FS/R5 Rhombus & Kohl LSR, Klamath NF
10/27/95 FS/R5 Butter Creek W/S, Shasta-Trinity NF
10/27/95 FS 7-mile Sale, Willamette NF
10/24/95 BLM B-Line Timber Sale, Eugene District
09/26/95 BLM Fire Road Thinning Timber Sale, Coos Bay District
09/19/95 FS Sawtooth LSR, S. Gold & Grouse Projects, Okanogan NF
09/11/95 FS Tumwater LSR, Rat Fire Recovery Project, Wenatchee NF
09/06/95 FS North Chetco LSR (Port Ordord Cedar), Siskiyou NF
08/28/95 FS Junction Thin & Sunset LSR, Mt. Baker Snoqualmie NF
08/23/95 FS Cispus LSR – Ames-Wood & Galahad Projects, Gifford Pinchot NF
08/21/95 FS/R5 Sugar Foot Salvage Project, Mendocino NF
08/18/95 FS/R5 Prather Thin-Chip & (Goosenest LSR), Klamath NF
08/17/95 FS Finberry & Heart Timber Sale Oakridge RD, Willamette NF
08/15/95 FS Govey Thin Sale Hood Canal South, Olympic NF
08/11/95 BLM Rye Mountain Density, Salem District
07/25/95 FS Whiteface (2) Salvage in Upper Methow, Okanogan NF
07/24/95 FS Boundary Butte Freud Fire Recovery Dead Horse & Tumwater, Wenatchee NF
07/14/95 FS Pollard Cedar & Upper North Fork, Siuslaw NF
07/14/95 FS Deer Thin, Mt. Baker Snoqualmie NF
06/23/95 BLM Bear Creek (Muletail), Salem District
06/15/95 BLM Rye Mountain; Bear Creek & Muletail, Salem District
06/09/95 BLM Wolf Creek Restoration Projects, Willamette NF
06/06/95 FS Nannie Rock Projects, Winema NF
05/10/95 BLM Red Mountain & Bear Creek, Ukiah Resource Area
04/28/95 FS 8 Dollar Mountain LSR, Siskiyou NF
04/07/95 BLM Fish Creek, Jobs in the Woods, Eugene District (paper only)
03/31/95 FS Matheny Creek Humptulips River Cook/McCalla Creek, Precommercial Thin, Olympic NF
03/06/95 FS LSRA, R0227, 228, 229, Winema NF, Klamatth RD (Incoming)
02/22/95 FS Upper White River Watershed, LSR 125, Mt. Hood NF (Mather Parkway)
01/18/95 FS Mossback Timber Sale, Willamette NF

1994 Reviews

Date Agency/Office Document Name
12/16/94 FS Warner Creek Fire Recovery, Willamette NF
11/10/94 FS Whiteface Fire Salvage Proposal, Okanogan NF
11/02/94 BLM Ongoing Research Project Spotted Owl (paper only)
08/19/94 FS Jobs In the Woods Siuslaw NF(paper only)
08/19/94 BLM Yamhill & Tillamook Young Stand Density Mgmt Jobs in the Woods (paper only)