What We Do

The Late-Successional Reserve (LSR) Work Group is an interagency group of resource professionals chartered by the Regional Interagency Executive Committee to conduct reviews of proposed actions in LSRs and LSR Assessments to ensure that these are consistent with the requirements of the Northwest Forest Plan Record of Decision. Recommendations for each review are compiled by the work group and forwarded onto the Regional Ecosystem Office for final review.

The LSR Work Group frequently visits project sites to discuss proposed actions and strategies for meeting LSR objectives. Review exemptions have been developed for some silvilcultural treatments. LSR assessments have been completed for most LSRs. Contact individual National Forests or BLM Districts for copies of the LSR Assessments.

Who We Are

Work Group members are from a variety of agencies including:

  • USDA Forest Service
  • USDI Bureau of Land Management
  • USDI Fish and Wildlife Service

Late Successional Reserve Work Group Contacts