The Regional Ecosystem Office provides support to the interagency management of the Northwest Forest Plan and access to information relating to its implementation and monitoring.

In 1994, the comprehensive Northwest Forest Plan ('the Plan') was initiated to end the impasse over management of federal forest land in the Pacific Northwest within the range of the northern spotted owl. The Plan Record of Decision and Standards and Guidelines used an innovative approach based on ecosystem and watershed management. The Plan transcended traditional administrative boundaries while addressing resource management, economic and social issues. Implementation of the Plan has required cooperation, coordination, and collaboration among the participating federal agencies and with the states, tribes, and local governments.

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Regional Ecosystem Office Contacts

The REO is a virtual office with representatives providing support from their home offices. These REO representatives are the best contacts for information on the NWFP.

Late Successional Reserve Work Group Contacts

The Late-Successional Reserve (LSR) Work Group conducts reviews of proposed actions in LSRs to ensure that these are consistent with the requirements of the Northwest Forest Plan.