Reference Manager Database of Published ICBEMP Manuscripts
November 2001
The Science Team of the Interior Columbia Basin Ecosystem Management project has published 117 peer-reviewed manuscripts primarily in the form of books, conference proceedings, and as mainstream journal articles during the time period of 1994 - 2001. Among these publications is an enormous wealth of information on the ecology of the aquatic and upland landscapes (including wildfire, wildlife, fisheries, insects and disease), as well as the social and economic aspects within the complex ecosystem of the ICBEMP project area. Our continuing goal for the scientific assessment is to make the information understandable, accessible, and useful.

This database of the 117 publications has been developed to provide not only a list of all publications, but also an easily searchable format for user's to find pertinent information of their particular interest.

The database was developed using ProCite 5.01 and contains the abstract of all articles as well as keywords. In addition to the downloadable ProCite database, there is a tab delimited text file for users of other software.

Download Reference Manager Database

On-line Reference Lists
A list of ICBEMP references including key words and abstract from the reference manager database is available electronically on-line. This list is sorted alphabetically by author and includes a unique reference id number. Three additional summaries are included to list the manuscripts ( by the unique id number) by author, by keyword and by major group.

This information will be updated periodically as additional ICBEMP related manuscripts are published. Questions regarding this information or problems downloading these databases should be directed to

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