Poster Session

March 3, 1997


#1 Title: Plants of the Interior Columbia River Basin
Authors: Lisa K. Croft, J. Stephen Shelly, Wayne Owen, and others

#2 Title: Invertebrates of the Columbia River Basin Assessment Area
Authors: Roger E. Sandquist and Christine G. Niwa

#3 Title: Terrestrial Biodiversity and Ecological Functions, Overall Findings: Terrestrial Ecology Assessment
Author: Bruce G. Marcot

#4 Title: Vertebrate Species Findings -- Amphibians, Reptiles, Birds, and Mammals
Authors: Bruce G. Marcot and Robert H. Naney

#5 Title: Analyzing the Effects of Ecosystem Management Strategies on Terrestrial Species in the Interior Columbia River Basin
Authors: John F. Lehmkuhl, Martin G. Raphael, Richard S. Holthausen, J. Randall Hickenbottom, Robert H. Naney, and J. Stephen Shelly

#6 Title: Natural Areas of the Columbia Basin Assessment Area
Authors: Sarah Greene, Bruce G. Marcot, Elaine Zieroth, and Angie Evenden


#7 Title: Multi-scale Fish and Fish Habitat Assessments/Conservation Plans using Upper Columbia River Basin and Local Data
Authors: C. Kerry Overton, Danny C. Lee, Bruce E. Rieman, and Robert House

#8 Title: Aquatic Summary
Compiled by: Rebecca A. Gravenmier

#9 Title: A Characterization of Inventoried Streams; From Scientific Assessment to Management
Authors: Shaun P. McKinney, Jim E. O'Connor, Kenneth D. MacDonald, and C. Kerry Overton


#10 Title: Treaties, Spirituality, and Ecosystems
Authors: Richard C. Hanes and Ralph H. Perkins


#11 Title: The Interior Columbia Basin Ecosystem Management Project (Display)
Authors: Project Communications Team

#12 Title: Framework for Ecosystem Management in the Interior Columbia Basin and Portions of the Klamath and Great Basins
Author: Russell T. Graham

#13 Title: Ecosystem Integrity
Compiled by: Rebecca A. Gravenmier


#14 Title: Economic Assessment of the Interior Columbia Basin
Author: Amy L. Horne

#15 Title: Assessing the Characteristics and Conditions of Rural Communities in the Interior Columbia Basin
Authors: Chuck Harris, Bill McLaughlin, and Greg Brown

#16 Title: Economic Social Summary
Compiled by: Rebecca A. Gravenmier


#17 Title: Interior Columbia River Basin Vegetation Layers: Past and Present Conditions
Authors: Robert E. Keane, James P. Menakis, K.Schmidt, and J.Garner

#18 Title: Simulating Coarse Scale Vegetation Dynamics with CRBSUM
Authors: Robert E. Keane, Wendell J. Hann, Donald G. Long, and J. Garner

#19 Title: Simulating Vegetation Dynamics Across Multiple Scales
Authors: Robert E. Keane and Donald G. Long

#20 Title: Linking Recent Historical and Current Vegetation Patterns to Potential Smoke and Fire Behavior in the Interior Columbia River Basin
Authors: Roger D. Ottmar, Ernesto Alvarado, and Paul F. Hessberg

#21 Title: Distrubance Climate in the Columbia River Basin
Authors: Sue A. Ferguson and Miriam R. Peterson

#22 Title: Rangeland Health Susceptibility to Management-Induced Disturbance Stresses
Authors: Michael G. "Sherm" Karl and Stephen G. Leonard

#23 Title: Landscape Health
Compiled by: Rebecca A. Gravenmier


#24 Title: Project Map Products and Available Data
Authors: Rebecca A. Gravenmier, Arthur R. Miller, and Ann Marie Walker