Develop a scientifically sound and ecosystem based strategy for forest and rangelands administered by the Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management in the interior Columbia River basin and portions of the Klamath and Great Basins.

1. Produce a scientific framework for ecosystem management in
    the interior Columbia River basin that explains ecological
    prinicples and processes that operate at a variety of scales.

2. Produce a scientific assessment which characterizes and
    analyzes historic, present, and potential future social and
    biophysical conditions within the interior Columbia River basin.

3. Produce two Environmental Impact Statements that result in
    management strategies based on ecological principles.

4. Complete a scientific evaluation of the alternatives presented in
    each Environmental Impact Statement and describe potential
    effects for line officer consideration and decision.

5. Capitalize on the opportunities to:

Bring science and management into closer partnerships
and working relations.

Open new channels of communication and working
relationships with American Indian tribal governments.

Work openly with the public toward mutually desired
resource management outcomes.

Promote the evolution of knowledge for ecosystem
management through workshops, the media, and other
avenues of communication.