Interior Columbia Basin Ecosystem Management Project

Press Release

For Immediate Release - May 10, 2000
News Contacts:  Andy Brunelle, Boise, 208-334-1770, Ext 128
        Brenda Lincoln, Portland, 503-808-2553

Project Releases Report to Congress

(Boise, ID; Portland, OR) -- The Interior Columbia Basin Ecosystem Management Project (Project), which released a Supplemental Draft Environmental Impact Statement (Supplemental Draft EIS) for public review on April 6th, is now releasing a Report to Congress.

The Report to Congress is in response to the 1998 and 2000 Interior and Related Agencies Appropriations Acts. This report outlines:

  • Land and resource management decisions to be made as a result of the Final EIS for the Project;

  • An estimate of the time and cost of each of these decisions;

  • An estimate of goods and services from the federal lands managed by the Forest Service and the Bureau of Land Management for the first five years of implementation; and

  • A description of the decision making process to be used to establish priorities in response to funding levels.

    The Report is available for a 120-day public comment period ending August 26, 2000. The Supplemental Draft EIS for the Project is currently available for public comment until July 6, 2000. Much of the information in the Report can be found in Chapter Four of the Supplemental Draft EIS.

    The Supplemental Draft EIS outlines three management alternatives for 63 million acres of Bureau of Land Management and Forest Service-administered lands in eastern Oregon and Washington, Idaho and western Montana. The Supplemental Draft EIS supplements the Eastside and Upper Columbia River Basin Draft EISs released in June, 1997.

    Public comments received on the Supplemental Draft EIS and the Report to Congress will be considered in the development of a Final EIS and Record of Decision which will amend 62 land use plans for the 32 National Forests and Bureau of Land Management administrative units within the project area. Partners in the development of the Supplemental Draft EIS include the National Marine Fisheries Service, Environmental Protection Agency, and the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

    Written comments on the Supplemental Draft EIS and the Report to Congress will be accepted by mail at Interior Columbia Basin Ecosystem Management Project, P.O. Box 420, Boise, Idaho 83701-0420 or electronically at  For additional information, a Supplemental Draft EIS Information Packet is posted at