Welcome to the Subbasin Review section of the Interior Columbia Basin Ecosystem Management Project (ICBEMP) website. The Subbasin Review Guide section was developed to provide you the opportunity to view or download the latest version of the Draft Subbasin Review Guide as referred to in the EIS.

Subbasin Review


Subbasin Review is intended to be a dynamic process whereby risks, opportunities, and priorities are revisited when issues or conditions change. Subbasin Reviews shall be completed for subbasins identified as high priority for restoration within two years following the signing of the ICBEMP Record of Decision. All other Subbasin Reviews shall be completed within five years of the signing of the ICBEMP Record of Decision.

To assist in understanding the intended outcome of Subbasin Review, as well as to help field offices carry out their responsibilities to conduct these reviews, a draft guidebook has been prepared to guide Subbasin Review. This guidebook describes a process that has been tested and would meet the purpose of Subbasin Review as described in Chapter 3 of the Supplemental Draft EIS. It includes a series of questions relative to the key resources addressed by the ICBEMP, including aquatic, terrestrial, landscape dynamics, and socio-economic resources, that are intended to help focus the review. The guidebook will be finalized by the time the Record of Decision is signed.

Volume 1 of the guide book provides the process for Ecosystem Review at the Subbasin scale (Subbasin Review).

Volume 2 provides some examples material from several Subbasin Review prototype efforts across the basin.

Some of the Ecosystem Review at the Subbasin Scale (Subbasin Review) information is available in Adobe Acrobat portable document format (pdf). Adobe Acrobat Reader software must be installed on your PC in order to view and print .pdf files. This software is available free of charge from the Adobe Home Page, which can be accessed by clicking on the icon below.

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Ecosystem Review at the Subbasin Scale (Subbasin Review)

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