Welcome to the Science section of the Interior Columbia Basin Ecosystem Management Project (ICBEMP) web site.   The Science section was developed to keep you informed about the latest available science.


The ICBEMP was charged with developing a scientifically based broad-scale ecosystem management strategy that may potentially alter the management direction on over 60 million acres of lands administererd byt the Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management (BLM).  The project is a combined science and management effort.  Scientists developed a framework for ecosystem management and a scientific assessment of the ecological, biophysical, social and economic conditions of the Columbia basin.  Land managers are using the science information to develop management strategies and provide context for Forest Service and BLM land management plans.  Scientists are providing credible information to managers on current conditions, risks, and opportunities, as wella s the environmental consequences associated with several management alternatives for the EIS.

The Scientists continue to provide numerous presentations and interpretations of key science findings.  Various professional journal articles, publications, and products are in process to aid with technology transfer. The Scientists have worked with the EIS team to provide analysis assistance to reach decisions in the record of decision.  They are also assisting with the development of the framework for implementation of the EIS.  The ICBEMP continues to implement and refine the science management partnership.

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