Interior Columbia Basin Ecosystem Management Project

Press Release

For Immediate Release - January 5, 2001
News Contacts:  Andy Brunelle, Boise, 208-334-1770, Ext 128
        Brenda Lincoln, Portland, 503-952-6033

Protest Reminder for ICBEMP Final EIS


(Boise, ID; Portland, OR) -- The Forest Service and the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) released a Final Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) and proposed decision for the management of federal lands in eastern Oregon and Washington, Idaho and western Montana on December 15, 2000.

The release of the Final EIS initiated a public protest process in which participants in the Interior Columbia Basin Ecosystem Management Project planning process, who may be adversely affected by the proposed decision, can request that the proposed decision be reviewed by the BLM Director and Chief of the Forest Service. Protests on the Final EIS can be mailed to: Director, Bureau of Land Management, and Chief, Forest Service; ICBEMP Protests; P.O. Box 65480; Washington, D.C. 20035. All protests must be filed with the Chief and the Director by January 16, 2001.


The Project, initiated in 1993, addresses the landscape health issues facing the Columbia River Basin such as the threat of wildfire, noxious weeds, and the protection and restoration of habitat for fish and wildlife species. The Project also addresses the socio-economic effects of federal land management decisions.

Copies of the Final EIS and Proposed Decision are available in a printed version, on CD, or can be downloaded from our wesbsite,  If you would like a printed or CD copy, please contact the Project Office in Boise, Idaho at 208-334-1770.