Welcome to Implementation section of the Interior Columbia Basin Ecosystem Project (ICBEMP) website. The implementation section was developed to keep you informed of issues relating to the implementation of the EIS and the step-down of the use of the science information to the field level.


Implementation includes moving from the past management direction to the use of the most up-to-date science and new direction contained in the EIS and Record of Decision. This is a big job considering the size and complexity of the  Columbia Basin. Implementation includes Monitoring and evaluation. Implementation Monitoring determines whether we are doing what the Record of Decision said we would do. Effectiveness Monitoring shows whether what we are doing is achieving the desired results. Evaluation determines whether the decisions are appropriate, and if not, what would be more appropriate. Needed changes are applied through Adaptive Management.

A post-Record of Decision organization and implementation process must be in place before the project record of decision is published, in order to achieve successful implementation. The organization and process needs to manage the dynamic basin-wide database and assure a systematic step-down and application of the Project science and EIS direction. It must also anticipate the likelihood of disagreement in on-the-ground application of new management direction. To deal with this, the organization and process will include conflict resolution techniques that reflect the interagency and collaborative nature of the Project.

Currently, the Project is developing a transition and step-down strategy and defining organizational needs to address the implementation task.


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