Examples of Streamlining Elevations

This section provides examples of streamlining elevations that have been completed.

Regional Elevations

Prineville: Grazing Unauthorized Use/Trespass

Regional Executive Letter
March 8, 2006. (DOC, 196kb)

Regional Technical Team Report: Recommendations to Address the Issues Elevated under Formal Consultation on Livestock Grazing in the John Day Basin, Oregon
January 23, 2005. (DOC, 57kb)

Summary of March 8, 2006 RTT Guidance for Addressing Unauthorized Use and Trespass During ESA Section 7 Consultation
(DOC, 28kb)

Questions & Answers Regarding Section 7 Consultation and Livestock Unauthorized Use
(DOC, 32kb)

Malheur: Streambank Alteration

Elevation Letter
August 7, 2009. (PDF, 1mb)

Cover Letter MNF Grazing Elevation
July 29, 2009. (PDF, 25kb)

NMFS Elevation Position Statement
July 29, 2009. (PDF, 46kb)

Final RTT Findings Memo
December 10, 2009. (DOC, 87kb)

Final ICS Memo
December 11, 2009. (DOC, 196kb)

Photo: Oregon spotted frog
Oregon Spotted Frog
Rana pretiosa

Photo courtesy of
W. P. Leonard