Training and Tools for Streamlined Consultation

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This section contains training and tools for conducting streamlined consultations.

Streamlining Training Modules

The following series of PowerPoint presentations provides training materials on the ESA Section 7 consultation process and Northwest interagency streamlining procedures. The training also includes a module on the Counterpart Regulations, and a comprehensive glossary of streamlining consultation terms. One module is specifically designed to provide an overview of streamlined consultation procedures for line officers and managers. These training materials can provide the foundation for self-paced study, or be used more formally in training sessions that may be provided by Level 1 or Level 2 Teams, or the Regional Technical Team.

Module 1: Frequently Asked Questions on the Section 7 Consultation Process
This module provides a series of questions and answers on the Section 7 consultation process that were developed us the USDI Fish and Wildlife Service.

Module 2: An Overview of Streamlined Consultation Procedures
This training module is an overview of all the different aspects of streamlined consultation.

Module 3: Conducting Effective and Efficient Streamlined Section 7 Consultations
This module provides considerations and recommendations for assuring that consultations are conducted effectively and efficiently.

Module 4: Procedures for Elevating Unresolved Issues Under the Streamlining Consultation Process
This module focuses on the elevation process.

Module 5: An Overview of Streamlined Consultation Procedures for Line Officers and Managers
This is a condensed version of the previous training modules designed specifically for line officers and managers.

Module 6: Streamlined Section 7 Consultation Short Course
This module is a compilation of the previous five training modules to serve as a "short course" for streamlined Section 7 consultation.

Streamlined Consultation Glossary
This glossary contains a comprehensive list of streamlined consultation terms and definitions.