Fisheries ESA Guidance, Direction and Processes

Photo: Bull Trout
Spawning Bull Trout
Salvelinus confluentis

Photo courtesy of
McKenzie River Ranger District Staff

This section contains information and links for the ESA-related fisheries guidance, direction and processes, and other documents.

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Analytical Process for BAs within the NWFP area

Procedures for Endangered Species Act Coordination for Timber Sales Affecting Listed Salmonid Species Within the Northwest Forest Plan Area.
BLM/FS/FWS/NOAA Fisheries - Memorandum: November 5, 2004. This memo and attachment describes a process for developing BAs affecting fish within the NWFP-area. This process was developed by an interagency team at the request of the Regional Executives to address project-level consultation issues raised in court rulings.
(DOC, 53kb)

Attachment 1 - Analytical Process for Developing BAs within the Northwest Forest Plan area
November, 2004. (DOC, 552kb)


Coordination and Accountability of PACFISH and INFISH, 1998 NMFS and USFWS Opinions, and 2003 USFWS Opinions (Jarbidge)
BLM/FS/FWS/NOAA Fisheries/EPA - Memorandum. November 16, 2004. This memo describes the new coordination and accountability process that replaces the Interagency Implementation Team (IIT).
(DOC, 271kb)