Welcome to the Northwest ESA Interagency Website of the US Fish and Wildlife Service, NOAA-Fisheries, Bureau of Land Management, and US Forest Service for information on the Endangered Species Act (ESA) and Streamlined Consultation Process. The "footprint" of NW Interagency Streamlined Consultation process includes our four agencies and staff in all or parts of Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Utah, Montana, and California.

Our website contains ESA and Streamlined Consultation documents, important references and links and other materials. This website was created as a tool and resource for use by biologists, botanists, managers, and others working with the Streamlined Consultation process, the Endangered Species Act, National Fire Plan projects, and the Counterpart Regulation process.

Some of these links reference agency and other sites outside BLM's jurisdiction.

Photo: Canada lynx
Canada Lynx
Lynx canadensis

Photo courtesy of
Barbara Jordan