Notice of intent to prepare UCRB EIS (60 FR 40153)


Forest Service
Upper Columbia River Basin Ecosystem Management Strategy, Northern and Intermountain Regions

Bureau of Land Management
Upper Columbia River Basin Ecosystem Management Strategy, States of Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, and Nevada

AGENCIES: Forest Service, USDA; Bureau of Land Management, USDI.

ACTION: Revised notice of intent to prepare an environmental impact statement (EIS) and conduct planning activity which may amend Forest Service Regional Guides and will amend Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management land use plans.

SUMMARY: The Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management published a notice of intent to prepare an EIS and conduct planning activity in the Federal Register (Vol. 59, No. 234, pages 63071-63073) on December 7, 1994. That notice of intent stated that the EIS will consider alternative strategies for management of National Forest System and BLM-administered lands and their effects in the entire Upper Columbia River Basin (UCRB). It is now necessary to revise that notice of intent in order to reflect a change in the scope of the EIS and planning.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Gary Wyke or Cindy Deacon Williams, EIS team co-leaders, 304 North 8th Street, Room 350, Boise, ID 83702, phone (208) 334-1770.

SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: A portion of the UCRB is within the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem (GYE). The GYE is an area of common climatic, physical, biological, social, and economic factors that needs to be considered in its entirety. The Forest Service intends to provide direction for National Forest Service System lands within the GYE in an ecosystem context. Therefore, the Targhee National Forest and those portions of the Bridger-Teton and Caribou National Forests within the GYE will not be included in the alternative strategies for management nor in the record of decision for the UCRB. The BLM-administered lands within the GYE are unaffected by this change in scope.

Dated: July 24, 1995

/s/ James Caswell
Acting Deputy Regional Forester, Northern Region, USDA Forest Service

/s/ Jack Blackwell
Deputy Regional Forester, Intermountain Region, USDA Forest Servicer

/s/ Martha Hahn
State Director, Idaho, USDI Bureau of Land Management

/s/ Larry Hamilton
State Director, Montana, USDI Bureau of Land Management