Notice of intent to prepare Eastside EIS (59 FR 26624)


Forest Service
Eastside Ecosystem Management Strategy,
Pacific Northwest Region,

[OR-015-94-4410-02; G4-047]
Bureau of Land Management,
States of Oregon and Washington

AGENCIES: Forest Service, USDA; Bureau of Land Management, USDI

ACTION: Revised Notice of Intent to prepare an environmental impact statement

SUMMARY: At the time the original Federal Register and local media announcements of our Notice of Intent were published (February 1, 1994, 59 FR 4680), the geographic area to be addressed in this environmental impact statement (EIS) had not been completely identified. The geographic area to be included in the analysis for the EIS has now been decided by the Oregon/Washington Bureau of Land Management (BLM) State Director and Forest Service Regional Forester. It will include all land east of the crest of the Cascade Mountains in the States of Oregon and Washington managed by the Forest Service and the BLM. The areas being added include lands managed by the BLM within the Vale, Lakeview, and Burns Districts in portions of Malheur, Harney, and Lake counties in southeast Oregon. The subject BLM managed lands are covered by the Northern Malheur, Southern Malheur, Andrews, High Desert, and Warner Lakes Management Framework Plans, all of which may be amended or revised to incorporate the new ecosystem management strategy and rangeland reform standards and guidelines. The entire BLM Prineville District area in north central Oregon and all portions of the Baker Resource Area in northeastern Oregon will also be addressed in the EIS.

It has also been decided to hold additional public meetings throughout this area for the purposes of identifying public issues. These scoping meetings will be held in the following locations:

May 23, 1994 -- Walla Walla, Washington
May 24, 1994 -- Bend, Oregon; John Day, Oregon; Wenatchee, Washington
May 25, 1994 -- Lakeview, Oregon; Okanogan, Washington; Burns, Oregon
May 26, 1994 -- Klamath Falls, Oregon; Vale, Oregon; Colville, Washington
May 31, 1994 -- Spokane, Washington; La Grande, Oregon
June 1, 1994 -- Portland, Oregon; Yakima, Washington
June 2, 1994 -- Seattle, Washington

Specific locations for the meetings within these communities will be published in local newspapers of record. All meetings start at 7:00 PM PDT except the one in Vale, OR which starts at 7:00 PM MDT.

DATE: It is important for comments to be postmarked by July 2, 1994 to be considered in the formulation of alternatives in this environmental impact statement.

ADDRESS: Send written comments concerning issues to be addressed in this EIS to Eastside Ecosystem Management Project, Attn: Scoping, 122 East Poplar Street, Walla Walla, Washington 99362.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: George R. Pozzuto, EIS Team Leader, 122 East Poplar Street, Walla Walla, Washington 99362, phone (509) 522-4030.

     /s/ Nancy Graybeal                            May 17, 1994
     NANCY GRAYBEAL                        
     Deputy Regional Forester

     /s/ Robert D. Rheiner, Jr.                    May 17, 1994
     ROBERT D. RHEINER, JR.              
     Associate State Director