Fire management personnel on the Siuslaw National Forest, located on the central Oregon coast, collaborated recently with a local rural fire department (NRFPD), the Oregon Department of Forestry in Tillamook, and the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) in putting valuable funds to effective use. Each agency contributed funding for industrial fire precaution signs. The project was initiated because three of the four participating agencies had their own respective precautionary signs with differing language or messages. The public found this confusing. By joining efforts, the four agencies were able to come together on a clear understanding among their organizations, and a consistent message that could then be conveyed to the public.

Siuslaw fire danger sign

On-the-ground work for the project started in the Spring of 2007 with each of the four agencies combining their funds to provide three identical fire precaution signs. These signs were placed strategically in Tillamook County where cooperating agencies agreed they would be most visible to public entering U.S. Forest Service (USFS), Oregon Department of Forestry (ODF), or Nestucca Rural Protected Lands (NRFPD) jurisdictions. Each sign displays the current fire precaution level and the emblem of each cooperating agency. The interagency project improved communication between the agencies and the public, and better informed the public of the current fire precaution levels in the area. Among other successes this collaboration helps to provide a greater level of understanding among the agencies.

For more information contact Terri Brown, Siuslaw National Forest, at (503)392-5133.