As a new process for National Forest and Bureau of Land Management unit reviews, the Pacific Northwest Regional Office of the Forest Service in Washington and Oregon and the Bureau of Land Management State Offices (SORO) have designed a program review checklist. This checklist will be used to evaluate Fuels and Vegetation Treatment Program components of National Forest and Bureau of Land Management Units, providing valuable feedback to Units almost immediately. In this first year for use of this design, the Region looks forward to identifying successes and adjusting the checklist design as necessary to meet evaluation needs.

On the ground field trips to treatment and activity sites are an important step in order to get the full picture. Interview questions are provided to guide conversations with decision-makers and staff to get a better portrayal of local Fuels and Vegetation Treatment Programs.

The use of this checklist will allow for efficient documentation and immediate feedback of the results of the evaluation. It is intended to provide consistency in the evaluation of various elements of Natural Resources and Fuels Management Programs.

The Checklist is designed to be used as a whole or in part. As checklists are taken to the field, please refer to the following guidance for qualitative ratings:

Fuels and Vegetation Treatment Checklist Ratings
Code Rating Description
E Above Average Indicates that the element or activity was completed at a level higher than expected
M Meets Expectations Performance meets expectations
NI Needs Improvement Element performance does not meet expectations
NR Not Reviewed Element determined to be not needed or appropriate for the review objectives

The success of this project will mean improved review and immediate evaluation of the following factors: integrated vegetation program management, planning process for prescribed fires, non-fire treatments, community assistance, fire ecology and fire effects, and monitoring of the effectiveness of fuel treatments.

For more information, contact Laura Mayer, R6 SORO at (503) 808-2189, or