The threat of aquatic invasive species (AIS) has increased the need for Regional Fire operational guidelines for safeguards against the spread of AIS. These guidelines should be implemented during the transport of water and equipment because AIS pose a risk to Forest aquatic and riparian habitat, water recreation, the operation of utilities, agricultural irrigation, local and national economies, and firefighting equipment. Some invasive plants and animals can clog valves, pumps, and screens if equipment is not completely drained and cleaned.


USFS and BLM Fire and Fisheries personnel recognize the importance of decreasing the threat and spread of aquatic invasive species through the implementation of these operational guidelines This guidance document was prepared in an interdisciplinary fashion with expertise from Fire, Fisheries, and Invasive Species agency professionals in response to the demand of firefighters in the field.

2018 R6 Fire AIS Operational Guidance

Pacific Northwest Region Focal AIS Species List

The species listed in the below document have been designated by the USDA Forest Service, Pacific Northwest Regional Office (R06) as “Focal Aquatic Invasive Species” because of their potential impact on aquatic and riparian habitats. The 2016 R06 Focal list was developed in coordination with Portland State University and Oregon State University, to be adjusted annually. Several additional AIS species are not on this list, but are described in the species descriptions that follow this table. An asterisk identifies the new species added this year to the Focal AIS Species list. The intent of this document is to provide images and descriptions that will assist your identification of the 34 focal species.

R6 Focal AIS Species List, 2016

Data and Map Products

The Nonindigenous Aquatic Species Database (NAS) information resource is an established central repository for spatially referenced biogeographic accounts of introduced aquatic species. The NAS website [] provides scientific reports, online/realtime queries, spatial data sets, distribution maps, fact sheets, and general information.

This data product download has been filtered to only represent the 2016 Pacific Northwest Regional Focal Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) List. The 2016 Pacific Northwest Regional Focal Aquatic Invasive Species List was developed in conjunction with Oregon State University, Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, and the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife. It will be reviewed and adjusted annually. Pertinent AIS from this list will be included in survery efforts. Other AIS considered a local threat can be added to this list.

A ~35 MB georeferenced PDF showing Oregon and Washington watersheds with aquatic invasive focal species is avalable: aquatic-invasive-species-2016.pdf

If you want to make your own map, a ~60MB shapefile of the watershed boundaries with aquatic invasive attributes is available:

The map and data features focus species that have distribution defined in the USGS NAS database and other AIS may occur in some watersheds.

Contact Information

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Published 2016 March 10, last updated 2018 January 16