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Fire Return Interval Departure (FRID)

These polygon layers consists of information compiled about fire return intervals for major vegetation types on the 18 National Forests in California and adjacent land jurisdictions. Comparisons are made between pre-Euroamerican settlement and contemporary fire return intervals (FRIs). Current departures from the pre-Euroamerican settlement FRIs are calculated based on mean, median, minimum, and maximum FRI values. This map is a project of the USFS Pacific Southwest Region Ecology Program (

These layers are zipped, file geodatabase files ( that can only be used with ArcGIS and cannot be viewed spatially with any other application.

These layers are in NAD 1983 California (Teale) Albers projection. For more information about the projection, check out this link to Projections.

Geographic Extent Download Feature Class (zip) Updated
Region 5 Northwest National Forests Northwest Forest FRID 292,599 KB 5/18/11
Region 5 Northeast National Forests Northeast Forest FRID 100,460 KB 5/18/11
Region 5 Sierra Nevada National Forests SNV Forest FRID 299,216 KB 5/18/11
Region 5 Southern National Forests SoCal Forest FRID 80,810 KB 5/18/11
Angeles National Forest Angeles FRID 16,372 KB 5/18/11
Cleveland National Forest Cleveland FRID 9,460 KB 5/18/11
Eldorado National Forest Eldorado FRID 29,861 KB 5/18/11
Inyo National Forest Inyo FRID 59,127 KB 5/18/11
Klamath National Forest Klamath FRID 70,683 KB 5/18/11
Lake Tahoe Basin Mgt. Unit LTBMU FRID 7,095 KB 6/21/11
Lassen National Forest Lassen FRID 21,482 KB 5/18/11
Los Padres National Forest Los Padres FRID 77,817 KB 5/18/11
Mendocino National Forest Mendocino FRID 29,761 KB 5/18/11
Modoc National Forest Modoc FRID 85,408 KB 5/18/11
Plumas National Forest Plumas FRID 34,354 KB 5/18/11
San Bernardino National Forest San Bernardino FRID 15,896 KB 5/18/11
Sequoia National Forest Sequoia FRID 50,454 KB 5/18/11
Shasta Trinity National Forest Shasta-Trinity FRID 155,833 KB 5/18/11
Sierra National Forest Sierra FRID 58,122 KB 5/18/11
Six Rivers National Forest Six Rivers FRID 36,495 KB 5/18/11
Stanislaus National Forest Stanislaus FRID 40,870 KB 5/18/11
Tahoe National Forest Tahoe FRID 20,098 KB 5/18/11
North Sierran CALVEG Zone 3 - North Sierran FRID 118,912 KB 11/21/11
South Sierran CALVEG Zone 4 - South Sierran FRID 351,894 KB 11/21/11
South Coast CALVEG Zone 7 - South Coast FRID 154,966 KB 11/21/11
Yosemite National Park Yosemite FRID 18,372 KB 5/18/11
Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park Sequoia Kings Canyon FRID 45,552 KB 5/18/11
North Interior CALVEG Zone 2 - North Interior FRID 135,325 KB 6/9/11
Toiyabe National Forest Toiyabe FRID 49,573 KB 6/22/11
North Coast Part 1 CALVEG Zone 1 - North Coast NE FRID 112,247 KB 6/27/11
North Coast Part 2 CALVEG Zone 1 - North Coast NW FRID 103,761 KB 6/27/11
North Coast Part 3 CALVEG Zone 1 - North Coast SE FRID 80,909 KB 6/27/11
North Coast Part 4 CALVEG Zone 1 - North Coast SW FRID 113,400 KB 6/27/11
Central Valley CALVEG Zone 5 - Central Valley FRID 147,824 KB 6/30/11

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