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Annual Report to Congress

"Monitoring Reports" - Published annual reports on various aspects of the forest environment are available here.

Technical Fuels Report

Forest Health Pilot Monitoring Report (September 2001)

HFQLG Final Environmental Impact Statement (August 1999)

Please note: Due to an editing error, we've determined that some of the 1999 FEIS online files do not match the printed document. We are working on replacing these files. If you find a discrepancy between the printed and the online file, the printed content prevails.

HFQLG Final Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (July 2003)

Support Information for the July 2003 - HFQLG Final Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement

Herbicide Risk Assessments, prepared by Syracuse Environmental Research Associates (SERA)
Risk Assessment overview
United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Reregistration Evaluation Documents
  • Triclopyr (R.E.D) (1998) pdf 587kb

  • Glyphosate (R.E.D.) (1993) pdf 6.68mb Note: this document is not fully searchable. Portions of it contain scanned images of pages that cannot be searched with the search feature of Acrobat Reader.

Glossary of Terms and Acronyms