White Flowered Forbs

White Flowered Forbs
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Marrubium vulgare L. (Mint family, Lamiaceae)


Horehound is an upright bushy, cool-season, perennial forb or subshrub, 9 to 30 inches tall. It has dense, white woolly 4-angled stems branching from a somewhat woody base. Both the stems and leaves are very aromatic and have a bitter taste.

Leaves: The opposite leaves are petioled 3/16 to 1-15/16 inches long, round to oval in outline, corrugated (wrinkled), 9/16 to 1-15/16 inch long and wide; pale green above and white woolly beneath,
with coarsely-toothed margins.

Flowers: Flowers March to October; flowers small, white, tubular, 1/4 to 5/16 inch long, crowded into very dense, compact, round clusters around the stem in the leaf axil; flower clusters also occur at the ends of all the branches, and often extend for more than a foot on the stem; calyx is also tubular, with 10 spinelike teeth which curve downward and are hook tipped in age, calyx persistent, and encloses the 4-parted fruits.

Fruit: Fruit is a burlike, 4-parted nutlet, egg shaped, brown or dark gray, about 1/12 inch long, and somewhat 3-angled, surface has scattered dark granules; 1 seed per nutlet, less than 1/16 inch long.


Cultivated and disturbed or degraded sites in deserts, uplands, mountains, and riparian habitats within elevations that generally range below 8,500 feet.


Reproduces by seed.


Native to Europe; although somewhat bitter and possessing a unique, pungent flavor, the fresh or dried leaves are edible and can be used as a seasoning or flavoring, made into pleasant tasting and medicinal tea. Horehound is often included in herbal cough drops. This species generally occurs as a weed in wildland areas of the Southwestern Region rather than as an invasive plant.

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Horehound plants Horehound flowers and foliage Horehound flowers and foliage Horehound flowers and foliage