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Northern Rockies Geographic Area MAC Group

• Patti Koppenol, US Forest Service – Chair
• Rick Seidlitz, Montana Firewardens Association - Vice Chair

• David Hall, Bureau of Indian Affairs Great Plains Region

• Cory Winnie, Bureau of Indian Affairs Pacific NW Region

• Robert LaPlant, Bureau of Indian Affairs Rocky Mountain Region
• Ken Schmid, Bureau of Land Management

• Ken Ockfen, Idaho Department of Lands

• Paul Grimstad, Montana Disaster and Emergency Services
• Ted Mead, Montana DNRC

• Bill Colwell, Montana Fire Chief’s Association

• Vern Burdick, Montana Sheriff & Peace Officers Association
• Kelly Kane, National Park Service

• Sarah Tunge, North Dakota Forest Service
• Jim Kelton, US Fish and Wildlife Service
• MAC Coordinator: Kitty Ortman

Local Zone MAC Groups

North Idaho Zone


• Mike Behrens, Forest Service (Idaho Panhandle NF)
• Bob Lippincott, Forest Service (Clearwater/Nez Perce NF)
• Brian Shiplett, Idaho Department of Lands
• Kurt Mettler, Coeur d'Alene Tribe
• Mike Behrens, Bureau of Land Management
• Jeff Handle, Nez Perce Tribe
• Ken Gabriel, North Idaho Fire Chiefs
• MAC Coordinator: Sally Estes


Northwest Montana Zone


• Dan Rose, Forest Service (Kootenai NF)
• Rick Connell, Forest Service (Flathead NF) 2011 MAC Coordinator
• Dan Cassidy, Montana DNRC
• Dave Soleim, National Park Service
• Bill Naegeli, Sanders County
• Lincoln Chute, Flathead County
• Steve Stanley, Lake Country
• Vic White, Lincoln County
• Bob Rebarchik, Lost Trail National Wildlife Refuge


Southwest Montana Zone


• Laura Ward, Forest Service (Lolo NF)
• Rick Floch, Forest Service (Bitterroot NF)
• Bill Colwell, County Firewardens Association
• Jim Steele, Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes
• Cal Minemeyer/Larry Ballentyne, Montana DNRC (NWLO)
• Mike Kopitzke, Montana DNRC (SWLO)
• John Thompson, BLM

• Louis Hartjes US Fish & Wildlife Service

• Chris Lounsbury, Missoula County DES

• MAC Coordinator: Tim Bradley


Central Montana Zone


• Lewis and Clark NF
• Helena NF
• Beaverhead-Deerlodge NF
• Rick Hotaling, BLM
• Garry Williams, Montana DNRC
• Pat Flowers, FWP
• Chippewa Cree Tribe
• Helena Indian Alliance
• Bureau of Reclamation
• Glacier County
• Toole County
• Ponderosa County
• Teton County
• Lewis and Clark County
• Cascade County
• Meagher County
• Broadwater County
• Jefferson County
• Madison County
• Keith Reeder - Beaverhead County
• City of Helena
• MAC Coordinator:


South Central Montana Zone


• Mike Gagen, Forest Service (Gallatin NF)
• Joe Krish, National Park Service
• Craig Campbell, Montana DNRC
• Bob Fry, County Firewardens Association
• Gallatin County Firewarden
• MAC Coordinator: Mike Gagen


Eastern Montana Zone


• Ken Schmid, Bureau of Land Management
• Robert LaPlant, Bureau of Indian Affairs
• Richard Moore, Montana DNRC
• Scott Scheuster, Forest Service (Custer)
• Doug Martens, Fire Wardens Association
• Rich Cowger, Fire Chiefs Association
• MAC Coordinator: Mark Heppler


North Dakota Zone


• Maure Sand, Forest Service (Dakota-Prairie)
• Shane DelGrosso, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
• Gary Luce, National Park Service
• Darrell Ausborn, Bureau of Indian Affairs
• Don Rufledt, Bureau of Land Management
• Andy Randall, North Dakota Coordination Center
• Sarah Tunge, North Dakota State Forest Service
• MAC Coordinator: Oscar Knudtson



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