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Partners in Flight Monitoring and Working Group:

Partners in Flight Logo Partners in Flight/Aves de las Americas/Parternaires D'Envol is an international network of ornithologists, birders, environmental educators, land managers, academic institutions, government agencies (including this agency, the US Forest Service), and nongovernmental organizations working together to enhance bird populations. The focus of Partners in Flight (PIF) began with those 255 species of landbirds that breed in the U.S. and Canada and spend the winter south of the U.S. border. However, recently, we have explicitly expanded our scope to include all birds, exlusive of hunted species. Further, in a period of more holistic conservation thinking, we believe it is apparent that activities benefiting 800+ species of birds will have value for most other types of wildlife as well. The goals of PIF are to stop the declines in bird populations and to "keep common birds common." If you are interested in knowing more about Partners in Flight, please take some time and browse the Partners in Flight home page as well.

The Monitoring and Inventory Working Group (MWG) is one of eight working groups in the organization. The aim of the MWG is to help standardize protocols for monitoring populations, and establish communication between researchers interested in monitoring issues. The overall focus is the landbird component of all-bird monitoring efforts: sharing our successes and making sure that landbirds are considered fully in all monitoring and conservation plans and efforts.

One-year Goals

  • Increase support of the PIF Avian Monitoring Strategy.
  • Encourage the landbird component of all-bird monitoring by providing leadership to the numerous state and regional monitoring programs.
  • Expand work on landbird migration monitoring by:
    • Augmenting the northern-nesting shorebird programs
    • Regular monitoring at migration points
    • Periodic surveys on the breeding grounds
    • Demographic monitoring
  • Actively organize and participate in outreach efforts.

Five-year Goals

  • Help to design and implement the landbird component of all-bird monitoring programs at the state, regional, and National levels.
  • Integrate landbird migration monitoring with periodic, all-bird surveys in boreal and arctic regions.
  • Promote regional and national data centers for habitat, bird populations, and demography.
  • Promote standardized landbird monitoring methods, especially involving continent-wide demographic measures.
  • Promote equal effort directed towards both demographic and population monitoring.
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