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Forest Monitoring Methods for Marbled Murrelets

Carolyn Meyer surveying for murreletsVery little was known about the Marbled Murrelet's nesting habitat when we started developing forest monitoring methods in 1987. Murrelets are most frequently observed and heard around dawn. Working with other researchers and the Pacific Seabird Group (PSG), we standardized forest survey methods and continued to refine them. PSG's most recent revision (2003) can be found on their publication web page.

We incorporated detectability into methods for ranking the importance of forest stands to the nesting bird, and provided managers with a tool for planning of habitat reserves (Stauffer et al. 2002). We have also worked with other researchers on the use of radar for detecting murrelets. This technique is especially useful in the pre-dawn hours when they fly silently into the forests (Hamer et al 1995).


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