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Research Topics Wildlife & Fish

Marbled Murrelet and Other Seabirds Research Projects:

Photo of Marbled Murrelet We began our research on the Marbled Murrelet in 1987 after we observed murrelets in coastal old-growth forests during early morning landbird point counts. Murrelets have the unique strategy of utilizing both the marine and terrestrial environments. They forage at sea and nest in large trees primarily in old-growth forests, while most seabirds nest on cliffs and offshore rocks and islands.

Over the past 100 years the murrelet population has been in decline and, in 1992, was listed as threatened under the federal Endangered Species Act of 1973.

We have focused our research on inland and offshore monitoring methods and habitat relationships. We have provided research and expertise to the Northwest Forest Plan since 1992 to inform resource management decisions. We are actively involved in the NWFP's Marbled Murrelet Monitoring Team, assessing the species' status and habitat requirements.

During the course of our research, two marine oil spills occurred in Humboldt Bay which is in our study area. This has afforded us the opportunity to develop new techniques for offshore monitoring of the impact of oil spills on seabird populations.

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