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Costa Rica Bird Communities: Neotropical Migrants and Resident Birds

Costa Rica Coast Since 1994, we have conducted research at Tortuguero, Costa Rica, in association with the Costa Rica Bird Observatories, Sea Turtle Conservancy (formerly Caribbean Conservation Corporation), Instituto Nacional de Biodiversidad Costa Rica (InBIO), Partners in Flight-Costa Rica, and other cooperators.

Our primary objective is to conduct long-term monitoring for the study of neotropical migrant and resident landbirds with the collaboration of Costa Ricans to further the knowledge and understanding of Costa Rican birds through bird banding and census. When the station was begun, it was the only operation to our knowledge regularly monitoring the landbirds of the country on a consistent basis.

Costa Rica Bird Observatories has expanded these operations to five monitoring sites in varied habitats across Costa Rica.

Costa Rican Birds

Costa Rica has a wealth of resident birds, along with seasonal migrants from North America that either migrate through or stay the winter in Tortuguero. "Checklist to the birds of Tortuguero" is a compiled listing of birds seen or banded at our station. One intern wrote about his experiences at the banding station in "A season of bird monitoring in Costa Rica."

In November 2008, Jared Wolfe and the interns participated in a Bird-a-Thon in and around the Tortuguero station, including a trip to the Tortuguero National Park. His account, "Tortuguero Integrated Bird Monitoring Project Bird-a-Thon", also contains a list of the species observed during the trip.

Monitoring protocols
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