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Bat Occupancy Probabilities at a Wind Energy Facility

T. J. Weller and J. A. Baldwin, Using Echolocation Monitoring to Model Bat Occupancy and Inform Mitigations at Wind Energy Facilities. For more information, contact

This model shows the predicted probability of the presence of bats that echolocate at low frequencies (less than 35kHz) at Dillon Wind Energy Facility, Riverside, California. Predicted probability of presence (vertical axis) is a function of night (horizontal axis) within the time periods that can be specified using the "dataset" dropdown. The dark line is the predicted probability and the blue-shaded areas are 95% confidence intervals. You can use the sliders to observe the impact on presence probability as a function of mean nightly wind speed (m/s), mean nightly temperature (deg C), mean nightly wind direction (degrees), and proportion of moon illuminated (0=new, 100 =full) by downloading the interactive version.

Interactive Display

Using the interactive function requires the use of Wolfram CDF Player. You may download this free software at

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