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Kings River Experimental Watersheds:
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Kings River Experimental Watersheds (KREW)

Education & Outreach

2001 KREW class field trip
The researchers and managers involved in the KREW project understand how important it is to relay the information they collect to the public. Because the research taking place at KREW would not be possible without strong public support and understanding, KREW scientists want to interact with the public as much as possible.

To help them do this, KREW has created several education and outreach products for the public. These materials include full-color brochures and one-page handouts (see below) that describe in more detail some of the research and outreach activities that KREW is actively involved in. In addition, two permanent signs have been posted near the KREW research locations that discuss the role of fire in the southern Sierra Nevada.

To encourage direct interaction and feedback with people from all walks of life, KREW participates in several events every year, including field trips, lectures, meetings, and local festivals.

For information on any upcoming public events, please contact Joe Wagenbrenner, lead scientist on the KREW project. KREW Riverfest event

KREW project brochures
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