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Research Topics Urban Forestry

Trees of the same species planted at the same time may have different growth trajectories depending on many factors including climatic conditions. (U.S. Forest Service/Paula J. Peper)


The benefits provided by an urban tree, such as energy conservation and improved air quality, are dependent on the size of the tree. The total value of the benefits a tree can provide are calculated and then projected over a 40-year period, making it important to know how large a tree is likely to grow.

Growth equations had previously only been developed for a limited set number of species, usually pines and firs on forested lands. To lend the values generated by our benefit-cost analyses greater accuracy and applicability, we developed growth equations for tree species that exist in urban forests across the United States.

Our General Technical Report 253: Urban Tree Database and Allometric Equations and the corresponding database catalogs projected tree growth tailored to specific geographic regions.