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Cover of the Northern California Coast Community Tree Guide.
The Northern California Coast Community Tree Guide is one of 16 guides available to download.

Community Tree Guides

Our Tree Guides identify and describe the benefits and costs of planting trees in a specific climate zone to assist community officials and tree managers increase public awareness and support for tree programs.

They answer a number of questions about the environmental and aesthetic benefits community trees provide:

  • What is their potential to improve environmental quality, conserve energy, and add value to communities?
  • Where should residential and public trees be placed to maximize their cost-effectiveness?
  • Which tree species will minimize conflicts with powerlines, sidewalks, and buildings?

The customized Trees in Our City slideshows relate to those same climate zones and are based on research we have done in reference cities.

Coastal Southern California region
Southern California

Guide | Slideshow
Desert Southwest region
Desert Southwest

Guide | Slideshow
Inland Empire region
Inland Empire

Guide | Slideshow
Interior West region
Interior West

Guide | Slideshow
Northern California coastal region
California Coast

Guide | Slideshow
Northern Mountain and Prairie region
Northern Mountain
and Prairie

Guide | Slideshow
San Joaquin Valley
San Joaquin

Guide | Slideshow
Temperate Interior West region
Interior West

Guide | Slideshow
Tropical region

Central Florida region
Central Florida

Guide | Slideshow
Coastal Plain region
Coastal Plain

Guide | Slideshow
Lower Midwest region
Lower Midwest

Midwest region

Guide | Slideshow
Northeast region

Guide | Slideshow
Piedmont region

Guide | Slideshow
Western Washington and Oregon region
Western Washington
and Oregon

Guide | Slideshow