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Pacific Southwest
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Research Topics Urban Forestry

Urban Forestry Products

We produce a wide variety of urban forestry research products, available to public managers, urban planners, city foresters, landscape designers, arborists, and other interested parties. The products are presented in the following formats and can be accessed by clicking on each category type or using the search option.

Published Reports

We publish research findings in journals, conference proceedings, and periodicals, as well as General Technical Reports and dissertations.

Research summaries

We produce easy-to-read summaries of our research projects.


Our staff attend and present at numerous local, national, and worldwide urban forestry conferences and meetings. View our PowerPoint presentations here.


We contribute to and offer web applications for making informed decisions regarding urban forest management.

i-Tree Streets: an application within the i-Tree software suite, is an easy to use computer-based program that helps communities assess the benefits of their street trees.

ecoSmart Landscapes: a web-based program designed to evaluate the economic trade-offs between different landscape practices on residential parcels. View flyer

Tree guides

Our Tree Guides identify and describe the benefits and costs of planting trees in a specific climate region to assist community officials and tree managers increase public awareness and support for tree programs.

Trees Pay Us Back

These regional brochures explain how trees produce benefits for us when we plant and nurture them in our urban environments.

Municipal Forest Resource Analysis

Our reports provide detailed information on a particular city's tree resource. They include urban forest structure, function and value, along with resource management needs. A summary of annual benefits is provided that includes energy conservation, air quality, stormwater runoff control, and property value increase.

Fact Sheets

We create one page fact sheets to provide a quick reference to urban forestry research facts. They are designed to be photocopied and distributed.

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