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Research Topics Urban Forestry

Researchers use the Urban Tree Monitoring: A Field Guide and A Resource Guide to inform annual monitoring of potential climate-ready trees in Sacramento, CA. (U.S. Forest Service/Natalie S. van Doorn)

Urban Tree Monitoring

Long-term collection of urban tree data can provide valuable information for urban forest managers and researchers interested in performance of planting programs, tree mortality and growth rates, changes in species composition, and identifying dead and declining trees. We developed Urban Tree Monitoring: Field and Resource Guides to serve those interested in collecting long-term field data on urban trees.

Certain aspects of data collection – such as the reliable re-location of individual trees, clear delineation of which trees and site types are included or excluded from a study, consistency in recording tree Mortality Status, and precise re-measurement of Trunk Diameter – are all of great importance to longitudinal studies and are described in the Urban Tree Monitoring: A Field Guide.

As a companion to the Field Guide, the Urban Tree Monitoring: A Resource Guide provides in-depth guidance for urban forest managers and researchers who want to design and implement a tree monitoring project.

In addition, a 5-part animated series covers topics such as how to get started with monitoring, how to record Trunk Diameter, Mortality Status, and Tree Location, and how to manage field work.”

Part 1 of a 5-part animated series offers a broad overview to help viewers begin to undertake urban tree monitoring projects.