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Pacific Southwest
Research Station

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Research Topics Urban Forestry

Urban Ecosystems and Processes

Since 1992 we have provided our customers with reliable scientific evidence that urban forests add real value to communities. Among their many benefits, trees reduce energy costs, intercept air pollutants, store carbon, and reduce stormwater runoff.

Value of Urban Forests

Value of Urban Forests

What is the value of a tree? What environmental services do they provide and at what cost?

Climate Ready Trees

Climate Ready Trees

By gradually shifting the planting palette to climate-ready trees, future generations can enjoy healthier and more resilient urban forests.

Tree Demography and Monitoring

Tree Demography and Monitoring

Demographic analysis and monitoring of urban forests (i.e., quantifying mortality, growth, and replacement rates) can provide insights into current and future vulnerabilities of the population and help focus management efforts.

Products & Publications

Additional Products and publications

Using our research results, we create new methods and strategies for managing and caring for community forests to help managers optimize the benefits and investment value of their community forest.

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