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Pacific Southwest
Research Station

1731 Research Park Dr.
Davis, CA 95618
(530) 759-1700
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Microsoft Windows 95 or later operating system. Internet Explorer 5 or later version required for the help system.

Site Productivity:

Site water holding capacity and mean annual precipitation. Optionally, height of Dominant Trees (Douglas-fir or ponderosa pine) at a total age of 50 years.

Primary Growth Function:

Height growth.

  • Primary coniferous tree species: Douglas-fir and ponderosa pine
  • Secondary coniferous tree species: white fir, sugar pine, incense-cedar
  • Primary hardwood tree species: tanoak, Pacific madrone, golden chinkapin
  • Secondary hardwood tree species: Oregon white oak, California black oak
  • Primary shrub species: deerbrush, snowbrush, greenleaf and whiteleaf manzanita
  • Secondary shrub species: ribes, California hazel, oceanspray
  • Data Editor
  • Allows input of competing vegetation at the plot-level or at the plant-level.
  • Online user's guide and context-sensitive help system.
  • User-Defined species codes
  • Opens multiple files simultaneously
Stochastic Components:
  • A random damage process
  • A random component to the prediction of crown recession
  • A random mortality component
  • A random error component on height growth coupled with a plot duplication scheme
Output Format:

ORGANON, FVS, CACTOS. Also produces plot-level and stand-level summaries to the screen which may be exported to spreadsheet files.

Recognized Input Format:

SYSTUM-1, Free format tree list (ORGANON), and spreadsheet data may be imported to the data editor.

Required Tree Input:
  • Plot number
  • Species
  • Height
  • Expansion factor or plot design
Recommended Tree Input:
  • Diameter (breast height and/or basal diameter)
  • Crown Width
  • Crown Ratio
Required Minimum Shrub Input (plot-level summaries):
  • Plot Number
  • Species
  • Percent Cover
  • Height
Alternate, Plant-level Shrub Input:
  • Plot Number
  • Species
  • Height
  • Crown Width (optional)
  • Basal Diameter (optional)
  • Expansion factor or plot design
Management Options:
  • Precommercial Thinning
  • Competing Vegetation Release